24 Apr
Wedge Hoops


Zella ‘Urban’ Anorak | Nordstrom

24 Apr
Zella 'Urban' Anorak | Nordstrom

WWW #18

13 Apr
WWW #18

Wear, Watch, Want #5: The Cocaine-Fueled Japanese Ear Candy Edition

13 Sep


Wear: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans

I was really unhappy with the state of my jeans. So much so that I decided to try on some at Uniqlo, despite the fact that I didn’t really have high hopes for them. I mean, it was desperate times. If they were even just ok, I’d have thrown my money down and said, “FINE.” But in fact, the jeans I tried on were awesome. So awesome that I bought two pairs: One dark wash and another in gray. I love them, and I can’t wait till fall when it’s cool enough for me to wear them without my legs feeling all stifled and sweaty. Summer! It’s the worst!

Watch: The Knick

I wasn’t planning on watching The Knick. I didn’t really know what much about it, and who watches shows on Cinemax, anyway? But the pilot was available on HBOGo and I watched it and fell in love in about four seconds. The Knick is now officially what I’m calling my Unexpected New Favorite Show. It’s about New York City’s Knickerbocker Hospital in 1900, and the surgeons and staff that work there. The show deals with turn of the century race and class issues, but what I’m particularly drawn to is the nasty medical stuff. I love medical history, and gross stuff is general, so this is right up my alley. Some of the surgical scenes on the show will make you wonder how humanity managed to survive this long because shit, man. But at the same time, it makes you think about what current medical practices will seem completely insane 100 years from now. (I talk about this a lot: Doesn’t it make sense, for example, that 100 years from now someone will be talking about those nuts in the olden days who used radiation (radiation!) to treat cancer?) Warning! If you’re the squeamish type, this show may not be for you. In the first episode Clive Owen has a nurse inject cocaine into his penis, and recently we’ve seen a woman who’s nose fell off due to syphilis have a pretty insane skin graft procedure to give her a pseudo-nose. Also, this poor woman (as well as ol’ Dr. Clive) thinks her problems are going to be solved by this weird nose-surgery, but the audience at home is like, “GURL, you have syphilis and your doctor doesn’t know about penicillin yet, so yeah, your new nose will probably fall off too.”

Want: Over-Ear Headphones

I don’t actually wear headphones that often, but when I do, I want them to look cool. Sad to say, at this point my headphone game is pretty weak. These headphones from Frends are my dream ‘phones, but even though they’re currently on sale, the sale price is still $100. And that’s 50% off. WHAT. Maybe if I wore headphones all the time, but I’m just looking to seem unapproachable when I’m working in my office (aka various coffee shops). Anyway, these are what I’m dreaming of lately. I doubt this dream will ever become a reality, but you never know. I’ll be stalking you, gorgeous headphones. Watch your back.

Baby Lips: Gross Name, Great Product

11 Sep

Maybelline Baby Lips is the new Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

Approximately 6 million years ago, I wrote about my favorite lip products in a Perfect Pout Product Roundup. Quite a few of my opinions have changed since then (mainly, that I like lipstick now, a change of heart that I have mentioned before). Even though a lot has changed since the dark ages of 2011, I still love all of the products mentioned, and use them in heavy rotation. One of my top recommendations, both three years ago and now, is Maybelline Baby Lips (a product name that I’m really not a fan of, but oh well). It’s just the greatest affordable tinted lip balm/gloss hybrid, and there’s a version for every taste. Allow me to walk you though my favorites (and one that is on the naughty list).

(We’re doing this clockwise from the top left.)

Baby Lips Crystal in Beam of Blush

The Crystal line is the most recent addition to the Baby Lips family. Basically, it’s Baby Lips: Sparkle Edition. These balms have little shimmery bits in them that are actually pretty understated, despite the balm itself looking like a disco ball. I’m not a big fan of shimmer on my lips, but I wanted to try this balm out, since I ardently love all the other iterations of Baby Lips. Sadly, this is the disappointing child of the family. I didn’t mind the shimmer, but I can’t use this balm without gagging, because it’s bubblegum flavored. I’m not sure if this is true of all the shades in the Crystal line, but it’s the case with Beam of Blush. I personally cannot stand the scent/flavor of bubblegum – I’ve hated it my whole life. I’ve tried using this balm a few times and I last about 30 seconds before I have to take it off. So: This balm would be nice if bubblegum weren’t the devil’s handiwork.

Baby Lips Electro in Strike a Rose

When this version of Baby Lips first came out I was just plain afraid of it. Not only are the colors bright neons, they are in shades like yellow, green, and purple. For someone who’s just now starting to feel comfortable with prominent lip shades, it was a big leap for me to be like, “Yes, yellow lip balm, hop into my shopping basket.” But I decided not too long ago to try out one of the more boring Electro shades, a neon pink, and it’s now my second favorite of all the Baby Lips I’ve tried (number one is coming up later, don’t worry). It does look super intimidating in the tube, but once it’s on it’s actually fairly subdued. You can layer it and go full-on neon if you want, but I like to do a quick swipe and dab it with my finger for a bright lip look that’s still completely wearable with any look.

Maybelline Baby Lips are the new Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet

I didn’t plan this out as a voyage back through Baby Lips History, but that’s how it turned out, so if anyone asks, this was completely planned. Anyway, Dr. Rescue was the first Baby Lips spinoff, as it were. This is a line that contains eucalyptus, and it feels cooling and a bit tingly when you apply it. The nice thing about this balm is that it’s “medicated” and is meant to help heal and soothe your lips, but it comes in some gorgeous tints, so you can treat your lizard lips while still getting your lipstick look on. I like to keep this balm near my front door or on my dressing table, because it’s great to throw on before walking the dog or running a quick errand. It’s makeup AND it’s medicine! And if that’s not a good selling point for you, Dr. Rescue also comes in a non-tinted version.

Baby Lips (The Original!) in Cherry Me

This is the OG. This is the one I mentioned way back in 2011 as the balm that made me a Baby Lips lover for life. Cherry Me is just… perfection. It’s the perfect amount of tint – a red that is bold enough to make me feel like a fancy lady, but is subdued enough that I don’t get spooked. Now that I think about it, I think Cherry Me may have even been my gateway to being comfortable wearing lipstick. If you’re looking to ease your way into lipcolor, I think a tinted balm is the perfect bridge, and Cherry Me is one of the best escorts you can have into the world of Bold Lipstick. Recently I realized that I was getting sick of moving my current tube of Cherry Me from my bag to my dressing table to another bag to my pocket, so I set out to buy a second tube. It was sold out EVERYWHERE I looked. I looked in countless stores for months, and every time I came up with nothing. When I finally found a store that had Cherry Me in stock? I bought three. It’s that good.

Baby Lips, all varieties: Around $4