Spanx Bra-llelujah Underwire Bra

25 Oct

When I was 22, I went from an A cup to a C/D cup. It was kind of shocking, considering I thought I was done with any growth spurts or great size fluctuations (besides any potential cupcake-induced tight waistbands). This wasn’t an out-of-the-blue breast explosion; I switched my BC and BAM! BOOBS!  (Note: If you want to see if you can get some rockin’ curves, try Depo Provera. I ended up going off it, but I got to keep the complementary bosom.)

Before my metamorphosis, I didn’t even really need to wear a bra. I mostly wore one because it provided some shape, and made my top a little more proportional to my badonk. Because of this, it didn’t really matter what kind of bra I wore. I never understood my friends who swore by underwires or had to double up on sports bras. I’m still not in this league, in fact I’m sure some of you are saying, “A C-cup?! HA! That’s NOTHING!” But to me it’s a HUGE difference, and one that changed my bra-wearing life forever.

I discovered the Spanx Bra-llelujah Underwire Bra on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx. There was only one, and after a year of searching I have yet to see any other Spanx bras at TJ Maxx (or Ross, or Marshall’s. I’ve looked all over). I’m convinced a breast angel planted it on the rack to bless me with the Bra-llelujah, and I am forever thankful.

You'll want to make out with these bra straps

The Bra-llelujah has a front closure and thick, elastic-free straps. This means there is nothing digging into your skin, and, more amazingly, no back fat. Back fat: We’ve all seen it. Even skinny, flat chested women have bras that give them lumps and bumps (and not the good kind). The Bra-llelujah completely eliminates that and makes you look just as good from behind as you do in front.

See? It's scientifically proven.

Sadly, these bras are pricy. My bra from TJ Maxx’s clearance rack was still $30, and full price bras are twice that. In addition to my clearance bra, I bought two with a nice discount at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Although I’ve never paid full price for a Spanx Bra-llelujah, if you really need a good, everyday, love of your life bra, I’d argue that this one is worth the investment.

Spanx Bra-llelujah Underwire Contour Front-closure Bra: $62


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