Windex Electronics Clean & Dust Wipes

18 Nov

Boy, do I love a good gadget. I just got the new iPhone, for instance, and I use my laptop for hours every day. Then when I’m done messing around on my laptop, I read a book… on my iPad. Look, it’s safe to say that my electronics get a lot of use. This is all well and good, but there are consequences to constant use of techno-doohickeys. I’m not talking about eye strain or obesity or some other potential killer Dateline warns you about. I’m talking about greasy fingerprints, dog slobber, sticky mystery spots, and a host of other nastiness that ends up all over your gizmos.

I tried cleaning my computer screen so many times, and nothing managed to get rid of every spot or smear. There was always one or two little bits of dirt left over. Plus, I couldn’t find something to adequately clean both the screen and keyboard of my laptop. I wanted something all-purpose! What could I do?!

Go to Target, obviously.

Once I was at Target, in the cleaning supply aisle, I came across Windex Electronics Clean & Dust Wipes. I thought, “Hey! Why not give these a try?” So I bought a pack and went home to do a little electronic cleaning and dusting.

My devices must be relieved I'm not spraying them with eyeglass cleaner anymore.

The results were incredible. Greasy fingerprints? Gone. Weird mystery gunk? Gone. Crumbs, dust, and other fluff? Gone. It was like getting a new computer, iPad, and phone all at once. In fact, the day after I used the Windex Electronics Wipes on my laptop, I was in Starbucks and a man asked me if I had just gotten the newest MacBook Pro. He thought my computer was BRAND NEW. Considering all the crap I put my laptop through, this was not only surprising, but unbelievable. I couldn’t pull my jaw off the floor fast enough to correct him. This, in itself, is enough reason to go out and get yourself some of these miracle cloths.

I thought I was doomed to always have a dingy, dirty computer and a fingerprint smeared iPad. I had begrudgingly accepted this sad truth. But thanks to Windex, I have a new lease on tech life. I can finally be proud to show off my gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

Windex Electronics Clean & Dust Wipes: $5


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