Google Catalogs iPad App

21 Nov

It’s officially holiday season, which means it’s official holiday shopping season. Suddenly your inbox is filled with catalogs from companies you’ve never heard of, and double the catalogs from your usual haunts. This may seem like an annoyance to some, but I love looking at catalogs. I remember as a kid spending hours leafing through giant toy catalogs, not even pining after all the toys, but just being happy to see them. Dorky, I know.

Browsing the internet has pretty much replaced browsing a catalog. Plus, catalogs aren’t really too environmentally friendly. Even if you recycle them, the fact that everything in them can be seen online makes their existence unnecessary. But nevertheless, I still love a good catalog. Enter the geniuses at Google.

The Google Catalog App collects a bunch of different catalogs from a variety of genres and compiles them in one handy app. With a simple touch you can access catalogs from Anthropologie to Dean and DeLuca to Crate & Barrel.

The catalog command center

You choose your category, say, women’s apparel, and then you pick a catalog from the app’s huge collection. The app has not only the latest catalogs, but also catalogs going back a few months. And within the pages of your chosen catalog you can click these little price tags next to the item you want, and a page will pop up with a picture, more info, and a link to buy the item online. It’s like reading a paper catalog, but SO MUCH BETTER.

And now I'm compelled to spend even more money

Even if you don’t use it to buy products, it’s still fun to flip through all the different catalogs the app has to offer. I love that I can have them all at my fingertips and don’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with a collection of catalogs. This app is great for someone (like me) who still likes the antiquated act of reading a catalog, but doesn’t want to overload my mailbox and leave a huge environmental footprint. Plus, it’s free!

Google Catalogs iPad App: Free


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