Green & Black’s Impulse Bars

13 Dec

I’m not going to go on and on about how much I love chocolate. Because I’m not a 40-something mom with a Cathy comic strip on her refrigerator. Like, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my chocolate!” or “Aaaack! I need to break into my emergency chocolate stash!” Seriously, women can make chocolate seem so dorky. But let’s face it: Chocolate is delicious.

Yesterday I was in a local haunt of mine by the name of Whole Foods to get some lunch. They didn’t have vegetable potstickers, which was disappointing (they’re the greatest thing ever. For awhile I lived within a few blocks of a Whole Foods and would eat vegetable potstickers like there was no tomorrow i.e., every single day). I settled for some sushi, but there was something missing. What could I need to balance out this gourmet meal? Chocolate, duuuh.

I came across these baby Green & Black’s bars, accurately called impulse bars. They’re the perfect size; large enough for indulging in a hunk of chocolate but small enough that you don’t look like a greedy fatso for refusing to share with anyone. Plus they only cost about $2 each, which is pretty inexpensive considering this is chichi chocolate.

The next time you’re shopping at your preferred purveyor of Green & Black’s, consider tossing an impulse bar in your basket. They come in three varieties, so you could even get an assortment and share with your pals (or eat them all yourself while watching Real Housewives). As Cathy would say, “Chocolate chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE!”

Green & Black’s Impulse Bar: $2


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