American Apparel Super Sheer Circle Scarf

14 Dec

I have long been a devotee of American Apparel’s circle scarf. It always looks perfectly draped around your neck (am I the only one who thinks the two little ends of scarves sometimes look weird? Probably.), and you can wear it as a sort of modern babushka when snow/rain/wind threaten to ruin your ‘do. The only problem I have with the circle scarf? It’s HUGE. It’s so enormous you can wear it as a dress. A heavyweight scarf is great for being in the midwest in the dead of winter (a situation, as an Illinois native, I have been in many times), but sometimes you just need a little warmth, or you want to accessorize your outfit without sweating your mascara off. Enter the super sheer circle scarf.

False advertising alert: This girl is wearing AT LEAST two scarves. In reality, one circle scarf does not look like a beach towel tied around your neck.

All the benefits of the original circle scarf, but lighter and thinner! I own three circle scarves, one of them a super sheer, and I must say, I bust out that sheer one the most. It’s big enough that you can wrap it around your neck a bunch of times, and it keeps you warm, but because it’s so lightweight, you can ball it up and throw it in your bag when you’re not using it. Take it from someone who has tried to casually toss the original circle scarf in her handbag – it makes you look like a bag lady or a conspicuous thief.

Both the original and sheer circle scarves come in about a bajillion colors. In fact, I’m looking at them now and I think I should probably get another color or three. The sheer version costs about $10 more than the plain circle scarf, but considering it’s much more versatile and totable, I think it’s totally worth the extra cash. It also says on the American Apparel website that with the sheer scarf you should, “expect fraying and possibly small snags or runs.” I don’t know what kind of extreme sports they expect people to do in their scarves, but I’ve had mine for years and it’s still in great condition. I think as long as you hand wash it and don’t wear it while you’re in the X Games or a knife fight, you should be fine.

American Apparel Super Sheer Circle Scarf: $37


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