Real Simple Slimline Hangers

20 Dec

In my last home, I couldn’t hang clothes in my closet – there was no bar on which hangers could be hung. Instead, I had a wardrobe from Ikea that worked pretty well, but space in that thing was limited to say the least. Regular old hangers took up so much room in my wardrobe, I could barely find room for half the things I wanted to hang up. Enter Real Simple Slimline Hangers.

These hangers are super thin (as if “slimline” didn’t give it away), allowing you to fit twice as much in your closet. They’re perfect for someone like me who has limited closet space, or someone like Kim Kardashian who has to fit a million tight, tiny dresses in a closet the size of my house. I bring up Kim K because I read in a magazine that she swears by Real Simple Slimline Hangers. She used to be a professional closet organizer or something, so one can assume she knows from hangers.

The hangers are covered in a fabric that clings to your clothes and keeps them from falling off. Plus, the slim profile of the hangers keeps your shirts from getting hanger-induced shoulder nipples. You can also buy a pack of clips that snap onto the regular hangers to make them suitable for skirts/pants. The clips are coated in the same miracle fabric, and they don’t leave ugly indentations on your stuff.

Real Simple Slimline Hangers worked so well in my wardrobe at my old house, I brought them with me when I moved to California. I’m living with a family member while I grow up and figure out what I want to do with my life, and because I’m living in an already-used space, I have limited room in my closet. My slimline hangers have made it easy to fit all my clothes into a such a small area. They were definitely worth dragging halfway across the country.

Real Simple Slimline Hangers: $10 for 12


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