Calvin Klein Essentials Yoga Pant

9 Jan

I’m not one of these people that can leave the house in my pajamas. Even in college – when my fellow students looked like they rolled out of their dirty mattress at the city dump and came to class in ripped PJ pants – I was showered, coiffed, made up, and dressed in actual clothes. Call me a rebel – I just can’t leave the house without looking pulled together.

This is not to say that I’m some kind of perfect being, or that I spend my time arduously styling my hair or putting on makeup. I’m actually the opposite – I try to find ways to take as little time as possible to look presentable. I have a regular uniform of jeans, a tank, and a cardigan that I wear pretty much every day, and I have short hair that takes 90 seconds to blow dry and style (and I’m growing my hair out because ponytails are an even lazier ‘do option). What I’m saying is, it takes very little effort to not look like garbage.

Even so, sometimes I really hate wearing real pants.

I like to wear dresses a lot, and when people comment on how I’m “dressed up” I respond, “Dresses are my sweatpants.” This is true – they don’t make you feel like a sausage trapped in a casing of skinny denim. The only problem is that sweatpants can look so… sweatpants-y. The invention of yoga pants helped remedy the comfy-but-ugly pants paradox, but even yoga pants can feel too athletic if you just want to hang out on your couch and watch The Good Wife. But fear not, for I have found the perfect solution. The best lounge pants in the history of creation. The Calvin Klein Essentials Yoga Pant.

They're simple, but somehow these pants make all your sweatpants dreams come true

I think calling these yoga pants is completely misleading. They’re super soft and loose, and don’t inspire me to do anything but curl up and get cozy. Plus they’re sold in the underwear/pajamas section. They’re 94% modal, which, if you’re not familiar, is an amazing fabric that is made of equal parts comfy and stylish. (Note: There are lots of Calvin Klein comfy pants. If you want the ones I’m talking about, make sure they’re modal. Otherwise they won’t be nearly as awesome as I’m saying they are.) They feel amazing, and since the fabric looks luxe, you could totally wear these out to Starbucks or wherever and not look like you’re a lazy dirtbag. But the jokes on the rest of the world – because you are a dirtbag, and these pants hide the fact that you wore them as pajamas the night before, didn’t shower, are hungover, and are generally scummy.

“Where can I get these pants?” you ask. “Surely from a special Calvin Klein store, or some chic online boutique?” No! You can get them EVERYWHERE! I don’t know this for sure, but it seems like in Calvin Klein terms “Essential” means “sold everywhere Calvin Klein underwear is sold.” This means you can get them at Kohl’s, perhaps Bloomingdale’s, and certainly Macy’s. I was at an outlet mall over the holiday and I saw a whole rack of these pants in the Calvin Klein store. They run about $45-60, but I got mine at TJ Maxx for $16. Then I went back and got a second pair so not even laundry day could keep me and these glorious modal miracle pants apart. I wear these pants every day, no joke. More often than not, I come home, decide it’s time to ditch the real clothes and get comfy, and slip into a pair of Calvin Klein pants. And ooooh, is it ever nice.

Calvin Klein Essentials Yoga Pant: $49 (or $16, or $60)


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