Ikea Poang Chair and Ottoman

20 Jan

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently living in someone else’s house. I’m a long-term guest, and although I’ve got all my clothes in the closet and all my toiletries in the bathroom, there are some things I miss a lot about my old house. Mainly, my furniture. I don’t really own that much furniture, but what I do have, I really like. I got my bed at a flea market like 10 years ago, and it’s a dead ringer for a bed from Pottery Barn (but MUCH cheaper). I have one nightstand that I painted and tiled (okay, had my dad tile) the top of, making a very cool, original piece. I hacked my Ikea dresser and second nightstand by replacing the knobs with mismatched fancy hardware from Anthropologie. And I have so many tsotchkes! But most of all, I miss what I like to call The Miracle Chair. (Side note: You may have noticed that I seem to overuse the word miracle. NOT SO. I would never tell you something was miraculous unless it was completely, utterly fabulous. That’s the whole point of this blog.)

This is what my Poang chair looks like, but with so many options, you can make yours look however you want!

The Miracle Chair is actually the Poang chair from Ikea. I first sat in a Poang chair while vacationing with my pal Sadie in Stockholm. We had a Poang in our room, and once I sat in it I knew it was the chair for me. If Sadie tried to sit in it I would growl at her like a rabid dog. I knew that once I was back home, I was going to have to get one of those chairs. Why is a chair, from Ikea of all places, so wonderful? Well, I have fibromyalgia, and because of this I’m in pain a lot of the time, and I need to rest a lot. Because of this condition, I demand a lot from a chair or couch or bed. The Poang is the only chair I’ve found that I can sit in for an extended period of time without getting major aches.

The Poang chair has and ergonomic shape that supports your whole back. Add the matching ottoman and you’ve got yourself a new go-to sitting spot for your living room. Plus, the Poang comes in a bunch of colors, both for the frame and cushions, so you can custom design your chair to fit your style. I have the chair and ottoman, and together they are my favorite place to sit in my living room. There is also a Poang chaise lounge, a Poang outdoor chair, and a Poang rocker. There’s a Poang chair for every occasion! I sadly don’t have a Poang chair out here, and I hardly ever spend time in the living room because there’s no place I can get comfortable for a long period of time. Oh, sweet Poang, how I miss you.

Ikea Poang Chair: $69 – $150

Ikea Poang Footstool: $50 – $90


4 Responses to “Ikea Poang Chair and Ottoman”

  1. Blake April 5, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    Thanks for your review. I really like the look of this chair, and have been searching to find what people thought of it from a comfort perspective. Did you get the footstool as well?


    • Sarah April 8, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

      I have the footstool as well. Put them together and it’s like a perfectly ergonomic chaise lounge!


  2. Kathleen acorn January 21, 2013 at 1:32 pm #

    Have had mine for over ten years. We have two in our family room. I was in a apartment for three years and they were perfect . They are comfortable, everyone that sits in them loves them. I should get a sales commission from Ikea for all the sales that have been made because of my chairs
    The covers are washable and very durable , kid proof,pet proof and party proof! Awesome comfort with a contemporary look.


    • Sarah January 21, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

      I’m glad to hear that they hold up! Mine’s going strong after about four years, but I plan on having it for the long haul – and probably replacing the cushions or whatever as needed to keep it going!


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