Frank Gehry For Tiffany Torque Micro Ring

6 Feb

Apparently, women love shoes. Somehow it’s been ingrained in our collective psyche that woman=shoe crazy. I blame Sex and the City. I like shoes and all, but I’m not what you’d call shoe crazy. Instead, my adoration is for other accessories, mainly jewelry and bags. I don’t even need a new bag and I browse page after page of handbags on shopping websites. I love them to a point where I may have a disorder. Jewelry is my other weakness, mainly rings. I always wear at least two rings, sometimes more. I’m not sure how I got started on my ring obsession, but I think it’s because I was self conscious of how my hands look, and I wanted to provide a visual distraction from my child hands. I also talk with my hands a lot (A LOT. When I tell a story I look like a baby bird manically trying to fly), and for some reason I think it looks cool to wear huge rings and wave your hands in the air.

I used to have a very extensive collection of rings. I was always buying more at H&M and Forever 21. When I moved, I went through everything I owned and tried to pare down, and I realized my collection of cheap jewelry was just that: Cheap. I decided to ditch the $3 rings and stick to the nicer rings in life. Anyway, the rings I wore on a regular basis were the nicer, sterling silver ones, so I wasn’t losing a lot by ditching my cheapo jewels. I love big rings – the bigger the better – but the ring I always come back to is actually super thin and understated. It’s the ring I wear when I don’t feel like wearing jewelry, if that makes any sense. It’s sleek and modern and perfect for every occasion. It’s the Frank Gehry Torque Micro Ring from Tiffany.

I got this ring for my 21st birthday when I was celebrating with my family in Las Vegas. Actually, all of my Tiffany purchases have been in Las Vegas. It’s kind of a tradition. I pick out what I want and wait until I can afford to splurge on a necklace or earrings and treat myself the next time I’m in Vegas (I’m always planning my next trip to Vegas. It’s been my family’s go-to vacation spot since I was four). While this ring was a gift, every other piece I have from Tiffany’s was the result of my see, save, splurge philosophy. I highly recommend buying yourself nice things. Whether it’s a good meal, a nice piece of jewelry, or a dream vacation. I promise it will greatly improve your quality of life. Don’t wait for someone else to treat you to the things you want. Treat YO SELF.

I love my Torque Micro ring because it’s not just a simple band. The square shape adds a little interest, without being over the top. (You can get this ring with a row of diamonds on it, which is an over the top-ish touch I’m totally okay with.) Sometimes I even put this ring on a chain and wear it as a necklace. It’s just as chic, and it’s economical! A ring and a necklace in one!

My point is, I have a menagerie of rings. Some stay, some go, but my Torque Micro ring will be a regular accessory of mine forever.

Frank Gehry for Tiffany Torque Micro Ring: $125


4 Responses to “Frank Gehry For Tiffany Torque Micro Ring”

  1. Matt April 23, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    Nice ring. Just bought my wife the same ring, but with diamonds across the top fro Tiffany in NY while we were on holiday. Needless to say, she loves it!


  2. thesartorialpenguin July 17, 2014 at 1:52 pm #

    I was about to buy this ring and the next day they discontinued it! It’s really annoying since this is the only ring I like and I love Frank Gehry architecture.


  3. Ann J August 7, 2014 at 6:39 am #

    Help me find a micro torque ring in 18k gold, size 51/2.


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