Frank Gehry for Tiffany Fish Pendant

7 Feb

Yesterday I wrote about my Frank Gehry Torque Ring, and I realized I have another Frank Gehry piece that’s just as classic and essential as my ring: The Fish Pendant!

The Frank Gehry collection for Tiffany is probably my favorite of the Tiffany designer colletions. All the pieces are abstract and architectural (Hmmm. I wonder why?) and all are timeless classics. This pendant is supposed to be a fish. If you know that, and then look at it, of course it’s a fish – but I have never had a single person say, “Oh, nice fish necklace!” It could be a misshapen teardrop, a decanter for olive oil, a banana, and countless other things. I think that’s part of what I like about it. It’s completely open to interpretation. The Fish Pendant is also understated and sleek enough to go with any outfit, but is still different enough to be special.

This was another Vegas purchase, from a trip I went on as a nanny. It was an amazing trip – not only did we fly into Vegas on a private jet, but  I got to hang out with kids I love, order a boatload of room service, and watch movies for a weekend. I had a break from my duties for a few hours and (of course) went shopping. I picked up this necklace I had been eyeing for awhile. Now, whenever I wear my Fish Pendant, I remember that great trip I took with my second family, and it makes me feel all mushy and sentimental. All together now: Awwwwwww.

Frank Gehry for Tiffany Fish Pendant: $115


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