TOMS Fleece Lined, Leopard Print, Slip-On Flats

17 Feb

I have a friend who lives in West Hollywood. Let’s call him Peter (because that’s his name). I was visiting and he said, “UGH. If I see one more gay guy in TOMS…” I had no idea TOMS were the official shoes of the WeHo gay community, but there you go. They’re everywhere. And you either love them or hate them. I was super anti-TOMS, until I saw that they had a pair that were covered in silver sparkles.  Obviously I had to have them. And I love them.

TOMS are like UGGs were a few years ago. Super popular, possibly over-hyped, but so fucking comfortable and useful. I poo poo’d UGGs… until I got a pair and realized they’re totally awesome (I recommend getting black or gray. They’re the least “UGGy.”). A similar scenario played out with TOMS. I thought they were stupid and trendy, but then I got my silver sparkle TOMS and fell in love. Then this winter Nordstrom came out with an exclusive style – leopard print with fleece lining, and I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Leopard print is my favorite color. I live for leopard print. I could make an entire outfit out of the leopard print clothing and accessories I own (this is actually a Halloween costume idea I’ve had for awhile). And I love my TOMS. And I love when shoes have fuzzies inside (see: UGGs). These were the perfect shoes for me.

I had a hard time getting a pair, since they’re exclusive to Nordstrom and were sold out around the holidays. I stalked the Nordstrom site until the day they finally restocked and had them in my size. I pounced on those babies like, well, a leopard. And oh, are they great. I actually plan outfits around them, they’re so great. Plus, people stop me and comment on my badass leopard shoes and how cool they are. That’s a nice thing about having an exclusive style – they’re not seen that often, and that makes you special.

As I write this they’re currently out of stock, but they’re worth waiting for. There are other styles that have the fleece lining (a major plus), in case you’re not awesome enough to pull of leopard print.

TOMS Fleece Slip-Ons in Leopard: $60


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