Boom App For Mac

20 Feb

I wrote about the Boom app this summer on my former blog, so for some of you this may be redundant. In fact, I basically copied that post and edited it a little to create this post. But Boom is so amazing that it’s worth re-posting. Maybe this will serve as a reminder to get off your duff and get this amazing app, if you haven’t already.

This past summer I was living in my lovely house in Illinois, sweating my face off. It was so hot, you guys. It was so hot I think I may have caused water damage to my phone by holding it in my hand while walking outside. Because of the sweatiness. Because I am a sweatmonster.

I managed to make my bedroom a tolerable temperature by blasting the A/C and running both a ceiling fan and a table fan. The table fan sat on my desk, blowing across the room to circulate some air, but I started sitting at my desk (less than a foot away from the fan) and letting it bombard my face with icy coolness until my eyes dry out.  Desperate times, you guys, desperate times.

So I was relatively cool and comfortable, but I couldn’t hear a fucking thing because the fan was louder than anything. Make a “Shhhhhh” noise as loud as you can. Now imagine it twice as loud. See, you may be doing what I ask, but I can’t hear you because OH MY GOD THIS FAN. Also because you and I are in completely different places, but I consider that irrelevant.

Everybody knows the best thing to do when the outside is like the surface of the sun (covered in lava and then set on fire) is watch movies and TV on your laptop. But with that damned fan running how can you or I hear any sound coming from your tiny laptop speakers? We can’t. And that’s why we need Boom.


Boom is an app available for Macs that significantly improves your computer’s sound volume and quality. I downloaded the weeklong trial, but I bought the full app after only one day of using it – it was that great. The price seems to fluctuate (when I look at the site now it’s $6.99, but I bought it this summer for $4.99), but at any price it’s worth it. I initially bought the app so I could watch volume-challenged videos without needing to wear headphones, but now I run the app constantly. You can customize the settings, but I’m not too savvy or particular about my sound (I just want to hear it).

Boom works with pretty much everything that plays sound on your Mac. We’re talking iTunes. We’re talking YouTube videos. We’re talking DVDs. We’re talking Skype. We’re talking everything.

For what you get, Boom is an amazing deal. I’m telling you this as a person who won’t buy an app that costs more than $0.99. I’m so glad I bought Boom, and you will be too.

Boom App For Mac: $6.99


One Response to “Boom App For Mac”

  1. Boom February 26, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    Hey Sarah! Thanks for that great review on Boom. We are glad it helps you just the way we intended it to! 🙂


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