Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo

21 Feb

Right now I’m growing out my hair, and let me tell you, it’s no picnic. This is actually the third time I’ve cut off all my hair and then decided to grow it out. Every time I go through the weird middle-growth phase, and every time it’s a total downer. Last time I was growing out from a pixie cut that was about an inch long. Now THAT was a rough grow out. I’m trying to find cute styles or at least different ways to wear my hair while it’s in this in-between phase, and I think this grow-out will be a little bit better than the previous two. Mainly because I have good hair products on my side.

It all started with what I’ll call my Shampoo Awakening. I had run out of my normal shampoo, and had to run to Walgreens to get a replacement. They didn’t have my brand, so I picked up some other stuff (I don’t want to badmouth anyone, but let’s say it rhymed with Shmantene). My hair was feeling really weighed down and just plain gross, and while I was getting a haircut I asked my stylist what I should do to fix it. She asked what shampoo I was using, and after I told her she looked me dead in the eye and said, “Do you like your hair? Do you want your hair to look good? Then don’t use Shmantene.” She told me that the best shampoos are actually aloe based, not water based. Meaning, the first ingredient should be aloe, not water. She recommended whatever it was they sold in the salon that was like, $25 and I said, “Yeah, I’ll think about it.” Which meant, “Hell no, girl! Do I look like I can spend $25 on shampoo? No. No way.”

I shopped around and found that Kiss My Face makes aloe based shampoo that is relatively inexpensive. I tried it out, and after just one wash realized just what my stylist was talking about. My hair was bouncier, prettier, healthier, and all around awesome. I’ve been using Kiss My Face shampoo since, and I’m never going back. They make three different shampoos, all aloe based. I use Whenever, because my hair is pretty healthy and I wash it every day. They also have repairing and volumizing versions, and all have matching conditioners. (My hair is short right now and I don’t need conditioner, but when I had long hair I used it, and Kiss My Face conditioner is just as awesome as the shampoo.)

In October I found a Whole Foods that sold Kiss My Face shampoo in a huge bottle with a pump for $18. As I said before, I wash my hair every day, and I still haven’t run out. It’s a fantastic value, and if you try Kiss My Face shampoo and like it, I highly recommend shelling out a few extra bucks for the big bottle.

Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo: $8


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