Dodo Designs Makeup Bags

22 Feb

I didn’t have a makeup bag until a few years ago. I’ve worn makeup for over a decade, but I always kept it in a drawer in my bathroom. I’d pack it in a little bag when I traveled, but when I was at home my makeup was just in the drawer. Then I moved into a house with a drawer-less bathroom. My makeup storage had to change. At first I used a little caddy from Ikea, but I still had to move all my makeup into another container to travel. I finally decided to join 90% of other makeup wearers and get a makeup bag.

I don’t actually remember how I discovered Dodo Designs, or how I decided to buy my makeup bag from this store. However I came across them, there’s no denying Dodo Designs has the best makeup bags of all time.

Fun Fact: I used to have pajama pants in this fabric.

The shop has a great variety of bags and pouches in different sizes and fabrics. In fact, all the fabrics are awesome – you’ll have a hard time deciding which to get. Another great thing about this store is that you can request a certain style and fabric. The first bag I bought from Dodo Designs was actually a custom order. I wanted the sugar skull fabric, but in a large size. It wasn’t available in the store, so I sent the designer a quick note and in less than a day my order was placed. Dodo Designs is based in Toronto, so it takes a little longer for your order to arrive in the States, but it’s worth the wait.

Two of the bags I own. I also have a leopard print one, obviously.

I have three bags from Dodo Designs, each in a different, awesome pattern. I’ve had friends buy bags from Dodo Designs after seeing me use mine. I’ve recommended them more times than I can count. They’re just perfect – There’s a bag for every need and a need for every bag. I recently decided to switch my makeup from my large bag to two medium bags, and when I emptied out the large one the inside of the bag had all this makeup and crud on it. It was pretty gross. I flipped the bag inside out and washed the lining with regular hand soap and water, let it dry overnight, and it was good as new. These bags are stylish and durable.

Dodo Designs Bags: $15 – $25


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