23 Feb

I’ve written about, recommended, and reviewed quite a few things in the past couple of months. I’m always looking for more awesome stuff to tell the world about, but there are also details I’d like to add or update about products I’ve already mentioned. So I’m going to start posting updates relating to past posts. It may be every few weeks or every few months – it’ll be when I feel like it, okay?  I figure I’ll do this every once in awhile to keep you up to date on my adventures in consumerism. In this update we’re going to travel all the way back in time to my first post, and work out way back to the future. There’s so much I need to fill you guys in on, so let’s get started.

Bare Minerals Makeup: Brushes!

I didn’t mention in my Bare Minerals post that you should invest in some brush cleaner and wash your brushes regularly. It may seem like a luxury, or an unnecessary burden, but it will really prolong the life of your brushes and make your makeup application a lot easier (and cleanlier). I love using my brushes after I’ve washed them – they’re so soft and feel brand new. I use the Bare Escentuals Well Cared For brush cleaner, but there are other brands out there, and I’ve heard you can even use mild dish soap. The brushes dry super fast. When it’s time to wash my brushes I put on my makeup as usual in the morning, then wash the brushes and lay them out to dry. By the next morning, they’re totally dry and ready to use.

Breaking Bad: Kill Me Now. 

I tried, you guys. I just can’t watch Breaking Bad. It’s SO depressing. I”m surprised there aren’t more news reports that say, “Someone killed themselves today – they watched too many episodes of Breaking Bad.”

Clarisonic: You’re Doing It Wrong.

And by you I mean me. Last week Jezebel featured the Clarisonic in their “Worth It” series (which is very simliar to this site, but you can read both and I won’t call you a traitor). Included in the post was a link to a tutorial video. I watched it, and it was a total wake up call. I knew I pushed too hard on my Clarisonic when I used it, but I never realized I didn’t have to move it in circles (I was using it like this guy. He’s wrong too, although I did appreciate his commentary). As the helpful woman in the tutorial says, it’s already moving in circles for you. I’m actually taking a break from my Clarisonic right now while I adjust to some new products from my derm, but when I start up again I’ll be sure to use it correctly.

Baby Lips: Even Better Than I Told You.

When I wrote about all the different lip products I like, I had only just bought a tube of Maybelline Baby Lips. I’ve since used it a lot, and I’ve actually bought another tube, this one un-tinted. Holy Moses. That plain old peppermint balm is my new favorite thing on this earth. It isn’t too glossy, but it’s rich enough that it feels luxurious and smooth. My “plain” lip balm was eos (also mentioned in the lip product post), but I had to keep it in the main compartment of my bag and I was getting sick of digging around the bottom of my bag trying to find that little ball. With the Baby Lips tube, I can just stick it in the side pocket of my bag for easy access. That was really my only reason to buy the un-tinted Baby Lips, but then I started using it regularly, and I noticed my lips were super smooth and soft. I’m now a devotee. The fact that it’s cheap and readily available helps too.


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