Buxom Lash Mascara

7 Mar

I’m a bit of a mascara junkie. (Shocking, right? I’m only talking about makeup all the time.) Even on days when I’m wearing minimal makeup, I have to have about 4,000 coats of mascara on. I have dark blonde hair, and my eyelashes are fairly light, so without mascara I feel like I have alien eyes. My lashes are pretty long, so a good curling and some swipes of mascara are all I need to feel human.

Sidebar: I know a girl who has the most amazing lashes. She doesn’t wear makeup, and I’ll be sitting by her staring at her long, lush eyelashes and think, “If you put some mascara on those babies you’d look like a drag queen.” (BTW, that’s a compliment. Drag queen lashes without actually wearing fake lashes is my ultimate mascara goal.)

Anyway, I love mascara. My Holy Grail mascara has always been DiorShow. I don’t even know how long I’ve used it – 10 years maybe? A few months ago I ran out of my beloved DiorShow and decided to try out a tube of Buxom Lash I got as a sample. DiorShow has an amazing, massive brush, but the Buxom brush is actually, in my opinion, more awesome. It’s hourglass shaped to get all your lashes, and the bristles are spaced out more, which gives your lashes some definition. I used to put on my DiorShow, wait a little for it to dry, and then brush over my lashes with my fingertips to separate my lashes and make them look fuller. No need with Buxom Lash – the brush does all the work for me.

Buxom Lash doesn’t flake off and leave you with little mascara flakes on your cheeks either! And it really lengthens your lashes and makes them look full and drag queen-y. Plus, since Buxom’s parent company is Bare Escentuals, their mascara is made without any nasty chemicals or preservatives. I still love DiorShow, but if you’re looking for something that gives the same effect, but with a few improvements, you should give Buxom Lash a try.

Buxom Lash Mascara: $19


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