Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

8 Mar

After posting yesterday about my favorite mascara, I figured I should talk a little about my eyelash curler. The two go hand in hand, don’t they? I never put on mascara without first curling my lashes. Like I said yesterday, I want to look as draggy as possible, and eyelash curling is essential to looking like I’m wearing falsies.

Shu Uemura makes THE eyelash curler. Seriously. It’s the one you’ll read about in countless magazines, the one all makeup artists swear by, and the one that will make your lashes look fabulous. You may think all eyelash curlers are made the same, but once you try the Shu Uemura curler, you’ll see just how wrong you are. The Shu Uemura curler is designed to fit all eye shapes and grab ahold of every lash – no more random straight lashes at the corners of your eyes. According to the Shu Uemura website, their curler also has an ergonomic design, so it’s comfortable to use, and the hinge has some special magic that makes sure the perfect amount of pressure is applied. It also comes with a replacement pad, so you’ll be able to use it even longer without having to deal with the hassle of replacing your curler pad. (I usually just use my curler till it’s dead and then buy a new one. Buying those little pads is a pain in the ass.)

Speaking pains in asses (aren’t we always?), Shu Uemura has stopped selling in the US. They still offer their products on their website, but gone are the days of popping into your local Sephora and picking up some Shu Uemura goodies. This is a huge loss for the United States, but I read that 80% of Shu Uemura’s sales come from Asia, so I guess it’s an understandable business move.

Note: The next best curler, so I’ve heard, is Shiseido’s, which is available at many US retailers, including Sephora. I personally have never tried the Shiseido curler, but, in my opinion, think Asian companies make the best beauty gadgets, so it’s probably a good buy. I might try the a Shiseido curler down the line, and if I do I’ll let you know how it compares to Shu Uemura’s.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: $20


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