Weleda Skin Food

26 Mar

As much as I’m interested in makeup, I’m three times more interested in skincare. I’m constantly on the hunt for the next amazing miracle product. I’ve been in an ongoing war with my complexion for over a decade, and I’ve tried just about everything to cure a myriad of issues. I have oily skin that’s also flaky (Eczema. Boo.) AND as thin as tissue paper and just as delicate (Thanks Retin-A!). I need a super duper heavy duty moisturizer, but one that doesn’t exacerbate my oiliness or upset my sensitive skin. Meet my Holy Grail moisturizer:

Weleda Skin Food is a truly amazing product. It’s thick without being heavy, rich without being greasy, and luxurious without a La Mer sized pricetag. Skin Food is made with all kinds of wonderful natural ingredients, but unlike some natural products I’ve tried, this one is super effective. I’m pretty sure Skin Food is made by a forest-dwelling witch who harnesses the powers of various plants to create a miracle elixer. I recently found out I was allergic to a bunch of chemicals, and I’ve had to overhaul parts of my beauty routine (Why you use BHT, Dove?! That shit is poison!). I went to the Weleda site to make sure I could still use my precious Skin Food, and while I knew Weleda was super natural, I didn’t expect their ingredients list to be so… readable. Seriously, I knew just about every ingredient they listed, from sunflower oil to calendula extract. Even the ingredients I didn’t recognize, or that sounded slightly chemical-y were derived from natural essential oils. You can coat your whole body with Skin Food and have nothing to fear – and believe me, you’ll want to immerse yourself in a tub of this stuff, it’s that good.

I use Skin Food on any dry areas, like my hands, elbows, heels, and even my face. I initially bought Skin Food as an ultra rich facial moisturizer, and was amazed at the results. Remember how I said I have super sensitive skin? Skin Food doesn’t irritate, break out, or otherwise mess with my complexion – other than moisturizing the crap out of it and making it look lovely. It may seem risky to put such a heavy cream on your face, especially to people like me who are paranoid about anything near or on their face, but Skin Food is like a protective layer of comfort for your skin. Seriously, after I put on Skin Food I feel like my skin is being treated to an amazing spa treatment, like my skin is on vacation and can finally relax.

(This woman reviews Skin Food as a hand cream, and says not to use it on your face, but don’t listen to that part. Basically this is so you can see Skin Food in action and revel in her lovely accent)

Speaking of treatments, in terms of using it on your face, I’d consider Skin Food more of a treatment than a regular moisturizer. It’s SUPER thick, and it will make your face look a little greasy. This is why I use mine at night before I go to bed. Some reviewers on MUA have complained that this isn’t a good everyday moisturizer, and to that I say DUH. One peek at how thick Skin Food is and  only a dumbass would think to use it under their foundation. So put it on at night, or when you’re just kicking around the house, and you’ll be happy.

I’ve been using Skin Food for over a decade, and while I’ll sometimes stray to other moisturizers, I’ll always come back to my beloved HG moisturizer. Lately I’ve been putting it on as a last step in my nighttime skin care routine, after my Retin-A has had time to settle in. I put a pea sized amount on my fingertips, rub them together to warm it up, and then pat lightly all over my face and neck. You really don’t need a lot of Skin Food to see results. A little dab here or there is plenty. If I’m using my laptop (AKA all the time) and my hands are feeling a little scaly I’ll put some skin food on the backs of my hands and knuckles and give my hands the spa treatment while I type away. (My most recent tube came with some nice cotton gloves, but I’ve never used them. I’m sure they’re lovely, but sleeping in gloves does not appeal to me.)

Skin Food is not only super moisturizing, but it’s also economical! It seriously lasts forever – I’d guess a tube of Skin Food will last you about 400 years. And there’s a size for everyone! The full size is 2.5oz, but there’s a smaller 1oz tube, and I’ve seen a super small sample size tube that’s great for carrying in your handbag.

Weleda Skin Food: $19


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