Sephora Wide Tooth Comb

3 Apr

I don’t own a brush. Right before my senior year of high school I cut off my hair, and I didn’t really need a brush anymore, so I got rid of mine. Since then I’ve grown out my hair and chopped it off two more times, but even when my hair was super long, I still didn’t get a brush. Instead, I use Sephora’s wide tooth comb, and I’ve never even thought about replacing it with a brush.

You may have really unruly hair and you absolutely need a brush. Fine. Go with God. But I’ve found, even with my long, thick hair, all I need to do is give it a comb-through when it’s wet (and maybe one more in the middle of the day) and I’m good. Everyone has different hair, and this may not be a good routine for you, but I’d recommend giving it a shot. Just like some people swear by not washing their hair very often, I advocate for not brushing your hair.

I specifically like Sephora’s wide tooth comb because the teeth are spaced perfectly for any length/thickness of hair, and it’s made of super sturdy plastic. You know how some drugstore combs feel like you could snap them in half with one hand? This comb feels like you could step on it, put it in a bag that gets thrown around by the TSA, or give it to a particularly destructive toddler, and it wouldn’t break.

For such a great product that will last you forever, it’s pretty cheap. You can get one for your bathroom, one for your bag, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane. And when I say they last forever, I really mean it. I’m pretty sure I’m stil using the original comb I bought in high school, and that was a little less than a decade ago.

Sephora Wide Tooth Comb: $4


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