Splendid Clothing

5 Apr

I’m a sucker for comfy fabric. Jersey and modal are the loves of my life, truly. My preferred clothing staples are comfy tees, tanks, and cardigans. It’s really all I wear, ever. The best source for these ultra-comfy wardrobe essentials? Splendid.

Splendid has perfected the concept of comfort with their 50/50 supima cotton/modal fabric blend. I can’t even describe the feel of a Splendid tee – it’s like being wrapped in a baby blanket while watching the sunset on a beach. They’re incredible. I have bought many a Splendid tee, and they never, ever disappoint.

I bought myself this shirt for my birthday in January (Remember how I said you should buy presents for yourself?). It’s the perfect casual yet pulled together shirt. You know when you see pictures of celebrities running errands, and even though they’re in their kick-around weekend clothes, they look pulled together and stylish? That’s the power of  a shirt like this, and of Splendid tees in general. In fact, that nice looking celeb is probably wearing a Splendid top themselves.

I also love a good Splendid cardigan. I’ve been through quite a few of them in my time, and I always have one or three in my regular rotation. I honestly think wrapping yourself in a Splendid cardigan can make your entire life better. The above is called the “Grandpa Cardigan,” which is a perfect fit for me, since I describe my personal style as Grandpa Drag Queen (picture a cardigan like this, but paired with rhinestone earrings as big as a baby’s fist).

Another great thing about Splendid clothing? It goes on sale all the time. If you’re apprehensive about Splendid (Why? Don’t believe me? I’d never lie to you!) and don’t want to shell out $80 for a cardigan you’re not too certain about, just keep combing Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and even TJ Maxx for sales. You’ll be sure to find something sooner or later. Over Christmas I was shopping at Fashion Island and found a great cardigan in the Splendid store on sale for $30.

Invariably, I will take a shirt off a rack or find one online and discover it’s a Splendid. Their siren song calls to me, and with good reason. These are the best shirts you will find. Bonus! They also make pants, dresses, plus sizes, shoes, and the cutest kids clothes you have ever seen.

Splendid Clothing: Prices Vary


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