Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle

13 Apr

When I go to the gym, I basically bring an overnight bag. Or maybe I just go to a gym with a bunch of minimalists. The point is, I carry a lot of crap from the locker room to the elliptical machine. I have my iPhone, which doubles as my iPod, my headphones (I normally use regular iPhone/Pod headphones, but I get SUPER sweaty at the gym, so I need special “gym” headphones with over-the-ear hooks. I’m a sweatmonster.), a towel (See: Sweatmonster), and a water bottle. Three (3) of those items are completely necessary to my workout because of how unbelievably sweaty I get. Once I forgot my towel and instead of working out and just dealing with it I LEFT THE GYM. The thought of dealing with my profuse sweating without a towel was a deal-breaker. I don’t even know why I’m telling the internet about my sweatiness. I guess I want any other super sweaters out there to know that they’re not alone. But I’d like to add, just so I can save a little face, that I am a completely un-smelly sweater. I am smell-free when I sweat, but I look like I just went down a water slide in a hurricane. I don’t know how people work out with their friends or significant others – I never want anyone I care about to see me when I’m working out. I don’t think our love could survive it.

Anywhoodle, I get totally gross at the gym, so I rely heavily on my towel and my water bottle. I used to use a Sigg bottle with a sporty cap attachment, but it got to be kind of a burden. First of all, a full Sigg bottle weighs about 400 pounds. Second, the sports cap thingy isn’t that easy to use, so I’d be chugging along on the elliptical while slurping loudly on what looks like a stainless steel baby bottle. Profusely sweating while drinking from a baby bottle. I was getting the feeling that while working out I looked like a complete idiot.

I found myself in the workout section of Target one day and decided it was time to take action against my embarrassing gym situation. I decided to get a Camelbak 0.75L bottle (called the Eddy) and hope for the best. And wouldn’t you know it, that bottle has made me at least 60% less tragic while exercising.

The one thing that drew me to the Camelbak Eddy was the straw. No longer would I find myself tipping my head back to get a drink of water from my Sigg. Now I could take huge gulps of water while keeping my head in a neutral position, and not risk losing my balance and falling off the machine. (I can’t say it hasn’t happened before.) The mouthpiece flips up so you can take a drink, but folds back down to avoid any gym bag spills, even if after I work out all my stuff is soaked anyway. (No. I will not stop talking about my sweatiness.) Plus, the Eddy fits in every machine’s drink holder, something I cannot say for my Sigg. It comes in an array of colors to suit any personality, and although I haven’t washed mine yet, all the pieces are dishwasher friendly (again, not true for the Sigg). And it’s BPA free, so it won’t slowly poison you!

NOTE: I’m SO pleased with my Camelbak water bottle, but I’d like to add that even though this post was all about talking shit about them, I’m still a Sigg fan. For everyday use, Siggs are great. They’re environmentally friendly and whatnot, and they come in pretty designs. Mine is a skull and crossbones made out of little pictures of razor blades, mudflap girls, anarchy symbols, and the like. It’s completely ridiculous, which is why I bought it.  Also, when I took the bottle to the checkout, the salesclerk told me that it had a matching skateboard. “Pfft.” I answered. “Of course it does.”

Camelbak Eddy 0.75L Water Bottle: $15


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