Gap Rayon A-Line Tank

16 Apr

I have a uniform that I wear pretty much every day. Jeans or a skirt, a tank top, and a cardigan. Sometimes if I really want to mix it up I wear a dress. In all seriousness, I never really stray from my uniform. I feel like if you asked one of my friends to describe me they’d be like, “5’7″, always wears a cardigan, has big lips.”

I’m always on the lookout for a good tank, which I think is much harder to find than a good cardigan. I’m particular about my tanks, and when I find one I like I buy it in 10 colors (See: Target Long and Lean Tanks). I like my tanks to be loose fitting and long, a combo that isn’t too common. You can have a flowy tank but it’s too short, or you can have a long tank and it’s skintight. Forever 21 is the best at frustrating me with their tanks. They have so many that I’d love to wear, but they’re either too short, too tight, or have ruffles on the back (or some other detail that makes them incompatible with cardigans). I cannot tell you how many tanks I try on at Forever 21 and how many I don’t buy. We all know Forever 21 is hit or miss, but when it comes to tanks all I get are misses.

I was in the mall walking off my Forever 21 induced fashion frustration when I decided to pop into Gap and see what they had. The Gap sale section can have the greatest basics, so I like to check it out every once in awhile. I was on the way to the sale section (Does anyone else go into stores and head straight for the sale rack? I mostly do this at Anthropologie. I pretend to look at the regular stuff, but I’m really making a beeline for the sale room) when I spotted some tanks that looked super soft. You know how I am about soft fabrics, so I had to stop and at least cop a feel.

Just a touch wasn’t enough, so I tried one on, and OH MY GOD. My heart skipped a beat. I had found the perfect tank. Gap’s rayon a-line tank is super, super soft and comfy, but also looks nice enough that you could dress it up a bit if you needed to. The a-line isn’t TOO a-line or uneven, which is a trend that I do not understand. Who looks good in a tank like this? WHO? This Gap tank has none of that nonsense, but does loosely skim right over any waist-chub, hiding it from the outside world. It comes in great colors, too. I bought the black initially, but once I realized how great it was I went back for the tealish, camel-ish, and magenta ones.

And as an added bonus, they’re now on sale! I just bought three more to keep in my reserves for when my current tanks run out (I told you I don’t mess around when it comes to tanks). I got a second black and magenta, because those are the ones I wear the most, and I tried the brighter pink because what the hell – they’re on sale!

If you do decide to get one or seven of these awesome tanks, let me advise you: Be careful when you wash them. If you want them to stay good as new, don’t dry them. I actually throw mine in with my delicates in a wash bag and then air dry them. I read these washing tips in a review on, and I’m so glad I did. The woman who wrote the review ended up ruining one of her tanks by washing and drying it like a regular old tee. So thanks, reviewer! You saved my tanks!

Gap Rayon A-Line Tank: $13-$17 (on sale!)


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