Esther Williams Swimwear

24 Apr

Oh, Summer. That wonderful time when you get to chill out, cook out, and freak out (about how you look in a bathing suit). Yeesh, I’ve been stressing about bathing suits since I was a tween. Mostly I worry about my suit bottoms having enough fabric to cover my badonk, but other women worry about their busts, some worry about their stomachs, and some worry about their whole bodies. It’s a stressful time, bathing suit season. But fear not, beach bunnies! I have found the perfect suit. The suit for every woman. The suit that will put an end to your swimsuit-induced panic attacks for good: The Esther Williams Classic Sheath.

The Esther Williams: A suit that makes even horizontal stripes slimming

I don’t know where to begin when raving about this swimwear, except to say that it is nothing short of miraculous. It covers all that needs covering, but still looks sexy. It accentuates your good curves and hides your not-so-cute curves (like that burrito baby you’ve been carrying since lunch). It makes you look better than all your friends who don’t know about the magic of Esther Williams and show up at the pool looking like a bunch of tarted up schlubs.

The Esther Williams Classic Sheath addresses all my concerns about swimwear while still allowing me to look cute, young, and hot as hell. I’m a woman with curves, and this swimsuit accentuates my curves beautifully, while still allowing me to feel comfortable and sufficiently covered. Gone is my paranoia about my butt hanging out of my swimsuit! Praise Allah!

I ordered an Esther Williams swimsuit a few years ago, and once it showed up and I tried it on, I immediately went and ordered another one. I could not believe it was possible for me to look good in swimwear. In fact, I looked even better in this swimsuit than I did out of it. I initially bought one in black, and ordered my second in leopard print (I agonized between black and leopard for days before ordering. I’m so glad I ended up getting both).

Seriously, every person that wears this swimsuit looks incredibly, amazingly, awesome.

And I’m only praising the Classic Sheath! There are many other styles to choose from, including a two-piece version of the classic I love so much. Plus there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from, so you can find the suit that fits your needs (and body) perfectly. AND they have plus size options too!

One note when you go to order (as I’m sure you will): The website isn’t exactly up to date. It looks pretty janky, and the ordering system isn’t exactly Not to mention it’s a swimsuit store/Esther Williams’s personal website. But I promise you it’s legit, so don’t worry. They give you lots of info about how to size yourself and make it easy to find your size and pattern. I think I remember it taking a few weeks to be delivered, but it was a few years ago, so I could just be remembering how anxious I was to try on this miracle suit I’d heard so much about.

Esther Williams Classic Sheath Swimsuit: $74


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