Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

10 May

I’m a big fan of eyeliner, but I’ve never really been too interested in eyeshadow. Not that I don’t like the look of eyeshadow – I just don’t know how to make it look good, or how to make it stay put. My eyelids tend to get oily, which means eyeshadow just slips all over the place and I end up with globs of shadow in my eye crease, and no color anywhere else. I’m not enough of an eyeshadow fan to justify buying primer and nice eyeshadows that will stay put, so I’ve pretty much given up on eyeshadow for everyday wear and stick to eyeliner and mascara. But lately I’ve been interested in jazzing up my eye makeup routine, mainly because a friend of mine keeps telling me about how pretty my eyes are and how they’d be super-mega-pretty with some eyeshadow. Anyone telling me they think I’m pretty gets my immediate attention, and when they say they know a way for me to be even prettier? I’m buying whatever they’re selling.

But I’m still an eyeshadow n00b, and I needed something fairly idiot-proof to serve as my first dip into the eyeshadow pond. It needed to be easy to apply, but also have staying power, and not be too over-the-top (I didn’t want to end up looking like a kid that got into her mom’s makeup and have turquoise eyeshadow up to my eyebrows). I thought about it, shopped around, and settled on Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow. And it’s awesome.

24hr shadow in Pomegranate Punk

The big selling point of this eyeshadow is that it stays on for 24 hours. I’ve never worn it for 24 hours. I’ve actually probably never worn it for 12 hours, but I can attest to the fact that once you slap that stuff on, it’s staying put for a long, long time. I love that this eyeshadow is a cream that you just put on with your fingers – any dummy (like me) can manage to sweep their fingertip over their eyelid. You can put on a thin layer for a light wash of color, or build up layers to get a more saturated look. I’ve also read reviews of people using this shadow in its more muted tones as a sort of eyeshadow primer, or a first layer in a more advanced eye makeup look.

I also love that this is by Maybelline, so it’s readily available at Target or Walgreen’s (provided they’re not sold out, as they’ve been at times). Even though this is drugstore makeup, the shadow comes in a glass pot that looks and feels like it’s from a high end brand. It feels just a bit decadent and fancy, but in reality you got it when you were picking up tampons and it cost you $7.

Bad to the Bronze and Audacious Asphalt

I initially bought a pot of this cream shadow in Bad to the Bronze. Then I wore it a few times and loved it, and picked up Pomegranate Punk and Audacious Asphalt when Walgreen’s was having a buy one get one half off sale. There are much brighter colors, but I’m not enough of an eyeshadow maven to be brave enough to try them. These shadows stay on through pretty much anything (seriously, I accidentally rubbed one of my eyes while wearing it and my finger came back completely clean and my shadow was exactly where it was before my itchy-eye attack), but how do you take them off? I use my beloved Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, give my eyes a little run down, and it all comes off easy peasy. You may have to go at it a little tougher than your normal shadows, but a good eye makeup remover will get it off in under a minute.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow: $7


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