Natural Life Intermingle V-Neck

4 Jun

My fashion philosophy is that when I find something I love and that looks good I buy it in a few (or ten) colors. I actually own two pairs of the exact same jeans, because I was wearing them all the time, and with two pairs I could wear them twice as long before I had to do laundry. I also have two pairs of my favorite workout shorts, which I wear with one of three identical, but differently colored, Gap Body tanks. I have two pairs of those awesome Calvin Klein pants, and I recently admitted to stocking up on Gap’s rayon a-line tanks. My latest fashion obsession has captured my heart so fully that I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I’ve actually had to start forcing myself to pick out other outfits, just so that my neighbors don’t start thinking of me as “That Girl That Walks Her Dog While Only Wearing One Outfit Ever.”

I bought this knit top at a store on Beverly Dr. called Popular. Maybe they have a website, but try Googling “Beverly Hills Popular Store” and you’ll just get popular stores in Beverly Hills. So this store may remain a mystery, but like I told you, it’s on Beverly, a few storefronts down from Anthropologie. They should really change their store’s name. It’s confusing. Plus Popular sounds like it’s on the same level as like, Wet Seal, which totally isn’t the case. It’s a lovely store. Hey, the introduced me to my latest love!

Lucky for you, I scoured the interwebs and found my beloved pullover online. It’s the Intermingle V-Neck by Natural Life. It’s 60% polyester / 35% rayon / 5% spandex, AKA stretchy/comfy/cozy/cuddly/lovely. It’s super long, so it’ll keep you covered no matter how much junk is in your trunk. I wear mine with some skinny jeans that are pretty low rise, and I can bend over and move around and never worry about a tragic coin-slot situation. It also has dolman sleeves which, HELLO, are one of the greatest fashion inventions ever. No one looks bad in a dolman sleeve. You can be flat chested or busty, curvy or stick straight, a dolman sleeve will never do you dirty.

I bought one of these amazing tops in the gray color above on a quick shopping trip with my mom while she was helping me apartment hunt. I saw it and thought, “Hey, a gray pullover! I need another one of those!” and just bought it without knowing it would change my life. Note: In addition to buying the same things over and over, I also have a slight obsession with gray knit pullovers. I don’t know what it is, but a good gray pullover is all I want to wear, all day, every day. It’s a safe bet that if I’m not wearing a tank top and a cardigan, I’m wearing a loose gray knit pullover. The last thing I need is another one, but I can’t help myself. I immediately fell in love with this fabulous top. I was doing a lot of driving between my new apartment and my old digs three hours away, and this became my road trip uniform. I wore it every time I hit the road. Then my parents came to help me move in, and I wore this EVERY DAY they were here. It was just the best outfit for moving stuff, but also looked nice enough that I could take a break and go to the store or dinner or wherever and look pulled together. I wanted to wear different clothes, but each morning I’d just end up changing into a pair of jeans, a long and lean tank, and this top.

Obviously I needed another one. I can’t believe I didn’t get one immediately after I fell in love with the gray one. I headed back to Popular and quickly pawed at the racks. I couldn’t find my size. I silently lost my mind, then asked the salesgirl if she could look in the back for a medium. “What color?” she asked. “Bring out every color in a medium you have.” I answered with the gleam of obsession in my eyes. She came back with one blue top. “RING IT UP I’LL TAKE IT IT’S MINE!”

The online seller I found doesn’t have the blue available (there’s also a pink that was at Popular but isn’t on this site), but I took a picture and sent it to my mom so she could see the blue. The quality isn’t good, and I’m making a (typical of me) cracked out expression, but it shows off those awesome dolman sleeves and how this top fits a non-model. The face is to accompany the text I sent my mama along with the picture that said, “OMG I found it in blue! I love this shirt like crazycakes! Ahhhhhh!”

Natural Life Intermingle V-Neck: $55 (I got mine for $48, but it’s worth the extra $$)


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