Fabe’s All Natural Mini Cookies

6 Jun

I love sweets and desserts. Love them. But I also happen to be allergic to cane sugar. I found some great ice cream, but I’ve had a hard time finding sugar free cookies. I don’t need cookies, but I like to have some kind of sweet treat around, and sometimes ice cream is just too much. Sometimes I just need a little cookie, you know? On a recent trip to Whole Foods I found Fabe’s, a brand of cookies that proudly announces on their label that they are completely sugar free. I checked the ingredients, and it passed the allergy test, so I took a box home. I wasn’t expecting anything too amazing. I mean, it’s a sugar free cookie made with untraditional cookie ingredients. I was expecting it to be more Clif Bar than Mrs. Field’s.

I was so amazed when I ate one of Fabe’s cookies, I actually said out loud, “Holy shit. This tastes like an actual cookie!” And it did. It was soft and delicious, and it didn’t taste like it was made with beet sugar instead of cane sugar, or unsweetened chocolate instead of the regular stuff. It just tasted like a real, awesome, cookie.

I got the Coconut Chip Mini Cookies, but there were many other flavors to choose from, including a whole line of gluten-free options. Their products are also vegan, if that’s how you roll. I’ve been cruising the Fabe’s website, and they also make cakes, pies, and brownies. I’m crying. I’m weeping over my keyboard. This is the best news I’ve gotten since I found out my tragic, no-sugar-allowed fate.

The main reason I’m kvelling over these baked goods is that they’re readily available. Sure, there are specialty bakeries I could hit up for some all-natural treats, but these cookies are just a quick trip to Whole Foods away. I could go from cookie-less to cookie-rich in 10 minutes, all while I’m doing my usual shopping. And they’re reasonably priced! So often specialty foods cost a ridiculous amount of money, but a box, which contains a fair number of mini cookies, is just four dollars and change.

If you’re living sugar-free, vegan, or just want your desserts to be all-natural, look no further than Fabe’s. We’ve just met, but I think these cookies are going to be a part of my life forever.

Fabe’s All Natural Mini Cookies: $5


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