The Sweetheart Skinny Jean by Old Navy

13 Jun

It’s been a long process, but I’m slowly getting down to my driver’s license weight. Losing a couple (or a few dozen) el-bees is a great accomplishment, and it’s really boosting my self confidence. The only downside? My clothes just keep getting bigger and bigger. I know, that’s the whole point of losing weight, right? Of course it is, but while it feels good when those jeans you couldn’t fit into are now too big for you, it sucks having to buy new clothes all the time. I usually mix high and low fashions, so I wear Target tanks and Joe’s Jeans.  (Like every other woman on the planet, I have a hard time finding jeans that fit, which is why I usually turn to high end denim.) Now that I’m steadily shrinking, it doesn’t make sense to invest in $100+ jeans – they’ll just be too big in a couple of months.

While I am losing weight, my proportions stay the same, so I’m consistently curvy. I don’t know if you have experience with this, but let me tell you: It is very difficult to find the perfect curvy jean. Every body is different, so it’s hard to rely on someone’s recommendation or an ad that promises to have the perfect fit for you. One woman may love X brand “curvy” jeans, and another might find that those same jeans don’t remotely begin to handle her curves. So while it’s awesome that companies are now catering to women with what I like to call “rounded edges,” there’s no consistency, and the curvy individual has to try on 1,000 pairs before they find one that’s perfect for them.

While I recognize that every woman is different, I’d love to share with you the jeans that have been my salvation for the past few months. I never thought I’d find jeans that fit my curvy figure and were inexpensive. I thought I was a special flower that needed pricy jeans to fit my badonk. But then I discovered Old Navy’s The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans.

It was Thanksgiving of last year, and my old jeans had reached the point where I could only wear them for a few hours before they were bagging and sagging. I was going to Las Vegas for the holiday, and I desperately needed some new jeans before my trip, which was coming up in just a few days. I didn’t have time to do a major shopping trip (which is usually necessary when jean shopping), and I decided to check out Old Navy on a whim. I knew I could get cheap jeans there, so if they weren’t perfect it wasn’t a huge loss. Even if I just wore them on this trip I’d get my money’s worth.

I tried on quite a few pairs of jeans, but the only ones that fit were the Sweetheart style. I never thought I’d be able to find skinny jeans that didn’t look completely embarrassing – I’ve got curves from my butt to thighs and all the way down to my calves. The Sweetheart skinny jeans managed to hold everything in while still being comfy. They have the perfect amount of stretch. Magazines always say that curvy figures should look for jeans with a lot of stretch. This is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. When you’ve got curves you tend to have some jiggly areas, and you want to reign that shit in. I’m not saying you should try to squeeze your body into some Spanx jeans, or that you shouldn’t be proud of your curves. I’m saying you don’t want your ass cheeks flopping around every time you take a step. A little stretch is good. A lot of stretch is just unflattering.

I know I mention this a lot, but I love that these Old Navy jeans are easy to find. Old Navy has a great website that’s easy to navigate, but what I really love is that they carry all sizes in their stores – including jean lengths in short, regular, and long. I need a long inseam in my jeans, and I usually end up trying on the regular in the store, then buying the long online and hoping the fit is the same. (Long inseams are another reason I sway toward designer jeans.) Twice now I’ve been in need of emergency jeans and have been able to run into Old Navy and pick up a pair that fits perfectly. And they’re cheap! The first pair I got was even on sale, so they were only $20! Jeans that fit my curves, are easy to find, and are inexpensive? No wonder I bought two pairs.

Old Navy The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: $30


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