Chipotle Quesadillas

15 Jun

Confession: I love Chipotle. You may think YOU love Chipotle, but you do not love it as much as I do. I eat Chipotle like three times a week, and that’s because I stop myself from going more often. Sometimes I just don’t want to prepare food, or I want to eat a hearty, substantial meal that I know I can’t make myself, but it’s hard to find convenient takeout when you have as many food allergies and diet restrictions as I do. Chipotle fulfills all my food needs: Doesn’t interfere with my inhibited eating habits, is quick and easy, and is affordable. The only downside is that I can’t eat guacamole.

I used to just get a chicken or steak burrito, but I’ve recently discovered something even better. Did you know Chipotle has a “secret menu?” I really hate the term secret menu – if more than 50 people know about it, and you can easily Google it, it’s not a secret – but I guess that’s the preferred nomenclature. Anyway, Chipotle has a policy that if they have the means to make something, they’ll make it. Do you want every meat option wrapped in a tortilla? They’ll make it. Want corn taco shells filled with sour cream? You’re in luck. Nachos? Check. But my personal favorite is the quesadilla.

A Chipotle quesadilla is simple: A regular tortilla, filled with cheese and (if you choose) meat, and maybe some toppings, then grilled in the tortilla-warmer-waffle-iron-thing. I prefer my quesadilla with chicken and mild salsa. NOTE: The trick is to have them put the salsa in BEFORE they grill it – it adds to the warm, gooey, deliciousness. It takes a little longer to make a quesadilla than a regular burrito, so you’ll end up waiting around the cash register until your meal is ready. I actually like this, because then I can see what all the other people in line are ordering. I love seeing what other people order. Once your quesadilla is all cooked and wrapped up, you can choose sides of salsa, sour cream, guacamole, or whatever floats your boat.

Sure, the quesadilla is delicious, and it’s fun to order something off the menu like a real Chipotle addict, but the greatest thing about the Chipotle quesadilla is that it’s CHEAP. We’re talking super cheap. I can get a chicken quesadilla with a side of sour cream for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. Add in a large drink and I have something to drink all afternoon, and 1.5 meals for just $7. Yep, the quesadilla is so big you might want to save part of it for later. Or eat it all at once! Follow your heart.

I love Chipotle’s quesadilla so much it’s become my new go-to quickie takeout meal. Goodbye burritos, I’ve found a new love. A cheap, cheesy love. And I couldn’t be happier.

Chipotle Quesadilla: $5


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