Nike Legend Regular Fit Capris

25 Jun

I have a pair of yoga pants that I love. I’ve had them for (literally, I did the math) at least 10 years. 10 YEARS. I bought them at Niketown in Downtown Seattle when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. They’ve fit all these years, although for awhile they were a little tight. In fact, they helped me achieve my weight loss goal when I was a little chubbier than usual. I told myself I needed to get down to a size where I could wear those pants without looking like my lower body was an overstuffed sausage casing. And it worked! Now I can wear those pants and look like I did all those years ago when I first bought them. But although I love them, I realized recently that I needed to replace, or at least add to, my yoga pant collection. I shopped all over and couldn’t find pants that I liked as much as my Nike pants. After searching for months for a cheaper option, I decided I just needed to buy the pants I loved 10 years ago all over again. I headed to Niketown, this time in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s (One of my favorite shopping destinations. I love the fake outdoors).

I did a little online shopping before I hit the store and found the style that was most like my favorite pants. The winner was the Nike Legend Regular Fit Women’s Training Capris. I tried on a few other styles just to be sure, and the regular fit capris were just right. They were basically a black version of my decade old navy yoga pants. Perfect. Finally I could show up at yoga class in a different pair of pants for once.

But I didn’t wear them. I stopped going to yoga regularly and went to the gym instead. If I wanted to wear yoga pants, I’d put on my old favorites. The new pants stayed in the bag and were tucked away in a corner of my closet. I moved into my new apartment, and the pants moved with me. I decided I should probably return them, and I dug up the receipt and found the closest Nike store. But before I had a chance to return the new yoga pants, my lifestyle kind of changed. I started doing yoga regularly, and I’d walk the dog afterward in my yoga clothes. I’d throw on some flip flops and just head out the door. I was wearing my old, old yoga pants, which I mentioned before are navy. My sandals are black. Nothing else in my outfit was black. It was embarrassing. My neighborhood is full of chi chi types that take their evening walks in Prada, and here I was wearing navy pants, black sandals, and some random top. I’m not trying to compete with my neighbors or look good for them, it was more that I was embarrassed for myself. I didn’t need to be feeling down on myself when I was just taking Hero on an evening walk.

I tried to think of different sandals I could wear, and sometimes I’d change back into a pair of jeans before taking a walk. Then I remembered those black yoga pants I bought so many months ago that were just hanging out in my closet. I pulled them out and tried them on. They were amazing. I thought my 10 year old pants were just fine, but it took putting on a new pair to realize that my old pants had lost half of their elasticity, and the fabric had seen better days. The new Nike pants were like the ones I had before, but 100 times better. Or, you know, not 10 years old.

Now I wear my black Nike pants just about every day. And I can walk the dog wearing my black flip flops and not be self-conscious. I’m living the dream!

A Note About Fit: I like the regular style in these pants because with my shapely thighs and butt, they fit me like tight pants. But there are a tight, and even tighter styles for those of you with a slimmer shape. They’re basically the same, but you know, different. Try them all on and find what works for you.

Nike Legend Regular Fit Capris: $60


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