Ikea Renate Ljuv Sheer Curtains

27 Jun

As you may have read numerous times, I recently moved into a new apartment. When I first moved in there were curtains on the windows left by the previous tenant, and they were fuggo to the max. Seriously, I don’t know what this guy was thinking. During my moving process I went to Ikea about 7 million times, and on one of those trips I picked up a few pairs of desperately needed curtains. In my bedroom I needed two sets of curtains: One solid, thick pair to block light when closed, and a pair of sheer curtains to go underneath, to provide a bit of privacy during the day. Previously there were regular sheer curtains there, but I wanted something with a little more interest.

There are many options for printed sheer curtains at Ikea, but I decided on the Renate Ljuv. I thought the flowery pattern would be enough to provide interest without being too distracting. It was hard to tell what they’d look like by holding up the package to my window, but I figured, “Hey, it’s from Ikea. What do I have to lose?” ($20. I had $20 to lose.)

All Ikea curtains are about 98″ long, which, for those of you not well-versed in measurement, is really fucking long. They come with hem tape and it’s up to you to adjust your curtains to the needed length. I’m not at all good at that sort of thing (ironing) and my mom was here to help me move, so I put her to work. Hey, that’s what moms are for, right? Since I didn’t have direct experience with hemming Ikea curtains I asked my mom to provide this part of the review. Her exact words (via text), when asked to rate the experience on a scale from 1-10:

While my mom is not Laura Dern, she does look, eerily, exactly like this. (My mom would hate if I published a picture of her, so this is as close as it gets)

So while buying curtains longer than a gang of sisterwives laid head to foot, it’s a pretty simple process to adjust them. The finished product looks fantastic, and adds some nice detail to what otherwise would have been a totally boring panel of sheer curtains. My neighbor’s window is right next to mine, and she has plain old blinds. Not to speak ill of her window dressings, but it’s clear which neighbor has the better style. Here’s what my curtains look like in the evening,when my bedroom starts to darken (oooh, sexy) and the light comes in through the sheers.

Ikea Renate Ljuv Sheer Curtains: $20


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