13 Aug

While I only recommend things that I’ve tried, tested, and loved, occasionally I’ll discover (or remember) something about a product that I want to mention. This is where updates come in. I’ll revisit some previous posts and add a little bonus info. In this installment of Updates we’ll travel back in time to April and then come all the way back to the present. It’s going to be a fantastic journey, so let’s gooooooo!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips: A Note About Removal

In the time since I originally wrote about Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, I’ve fallen even more in love with them. I wear them ALL THE TIME. They’re pretty much my favorite thing to ever happen to my fingers. BUT, those little mofos are a pain in the ass to take off. Non-acetone polish is useless, unless you want to spend the next 30 years scrubbing at your nails. The best method is to put acetone nail polish remover on a cotton ball, slap that on your nail, then wrap your finger in aluminum foil. If you do this on all ten fingers, by the time you get to your last finger the first one you wrapped will be ready for removal. You may need to rub at your nail for a second just to get off some extra gunk, but most of the polish will be removed. (This is also a great tip for taking off glitter nail polish.)

Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss: It IS About Weight Loss (Whodathunk?)

In my post about my favorite yoga DVD, I mentioned that while the title mentions weight loss, the routine isn’t really focused on the idea of dropping pounds. Whoops. I was wrong. There’s a part at the beginning of the DVD that I always skip through where the instructor, Suzanne Deason, talks about how this specific yoga practice is good for slimming down. Plus, my thighs have definitely gotten thinner (Praise Allah) since following the DVD regularly. So there is a weight-loss aspect, but if you skip through the talky part at the beginning there’s no other mention of slenderizing. I like this, since the last thing I want is for my yoga instructor to say, “Now this pose will help to tone your FAT ASS.”

Fabe’s Cookies: A Sugar Free Way To Gorge Yourself On Cookies

I’m so happy I found Fabe’s all natural, sugar-free cookies. I wrote about them almost immediately after I tried a box of the coconut chip mini cookies, and since then I’ve tried other products and cookie flavors and learned a few things. My favorite flavor of the mini cookies is the double chocolate chip. This is mainly because they have the richest flavor, so I’m satisfied after eating just a few. My REAL favorites are the chocolate chip, which are so soft and delicious it’s basically like eating cookie dough. I could probably eat an entire box in one sitting, which is why I try not to buy them too often. I’ve also tried the larger, individually wrapped cookie in dark chocolate (the only flavor my Whole Foods carries) and I’d say it’s just okay. Compared to the chocolate chip cookie dough insanity you can buy by the box, it’s a total letdown. But compared to your other options for a sugar-free treat (Like what? Fruit salad?) it’s pretty decent. I got one of the brownies and it was mushy like brownie dough, but healthy brownie dough. So good, but not decadent and rich like you’d want a slab of brownie dough to be. It tastes like someone’s trying to trick you.

Chipotle Quesadillas: A Few Clarifications, And Why You Should Choose Your Chipotle Carefully

Not sure if I made this clear in my original post, but the Chipotle quesadilla I buy has chicken in it, so it’s $5. If you get a plain ol’ cheese one, it’s more like $3. Yes, one scoop of chicken costs $2 extra. It’s highway robbery, blah blah blah. It’s still so freaking cheap you might as well be stealing. I buy two and put one in the fridge for the next day’s lunch. I just warm it up in the oven and BOOM! cheesy deliciousness without leaving my home.

Now, a note about Chipotle’s preparation of quesadillas: Not all Chipotle’s are created equal. My preferred Chipotle is kind of a nightmare for parking, so I decided to try another store close by that had a parking garage. For your reference, if you happen to live in or visit LA, I’m talking about the Chipotle in Beverly Center. BIG MISTAKE. That Chipotle ruined my day life. For comparison, my preferred Chipotle (S. Beverly Drive, where everyone is lovely) makes their quesadilla’s fresh and will put in whatever you want before grilling it. So in my case they get a new tortilla, put on cheese, chicken, and pico de gallo, wrap that sucker up, and throw it in the griller thing. At the hellhole known as the Beverly Center Chipotle, they have pre-made cheese quesadillas that they pull out of some under-the-counter fridge, and they won’t let you put anything it in before grilling. After they take it out of the tortilla iron or whatever, they’ll open it up (Which never works well. It’s glued together with melted cheese for chrissakes. That’s like three times stronger than Gorilla Glue) and THEN put in what you want. Without grilling everything together, all that shit’s gonna fall apart. There’s no cheese glue to hold the chicken and tomatoes to the rest of the quesadilla! To make matters even worse, they’ll then charge you for a burrito. So if you get a chicken quesadilla, you’re going to have to pay for a chicken burrito, which is like $7 or $8 or something. EFF THAT ESS. So choose your Chipotle carefully, and if they try to pull some Beverly Center type bullshit with you, just turn around and walk out of there. You don’t need that stress in your life.


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