23 Aug

While I grew up in the midwest, I spent a considerable amount of my time in Seattle. My family owns a house there, so let’s just say that I’m well acquainted with the ol’ O’Hare to SeaTac flight path. Oh man, I’ve made that trip so many times, I can’t even tell you. Anyway, when while we were staying in Seattle we’d stock up on groceries and snacks and we always made sure to get Tillamook cheese. I don’t know if it’s because I associate it with fond Seattle memories, or because it’s award winning, but Tillamook makes the best cheese out there. Since it’s more difficult to find in the midwest (being as it’s a pacific northwest company) it was actually exciting to get to have a block of Tillamook in our Seattle fridge. Yep, I get excited about cheese. I’m just that kind of girl.

So we’ve established that Tillamook cheese is the greatest, but it’s become even greater with the introduction of small, individually wrapped cheddar nibbles called, adorably, Tilla-Moos. They’re the perfect size to grab for a little snack. 90 calories, totally satisfying, and DELICIOUS. I’ve only had the mild cheddar, but they also come in colby jack and pepper jack, if that’s how you roll. I live on the west coast, where Tillamook is a bit more prevalent, and I buy them at Target. I’m not sure if they’d be so easily accessible in, say, Ohio or wherever, but you can always buy online if you can’t get Tilla-Moos in your local grocery.

When I’m a bit peckish and want something yummy, slightly decadent feeling, and that won’t send my Lose It! progress into a tailspin, I grab a Tilla-Moo and snack away. I sit back, relax, chomp on some cheddar, and reminisce about the good times I’ve had in the pacific northwest. It’s kind of the greatest.

Tilla-Moos: $3-4 for a pack of 10, or go big with 52 for $24


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