Amazon Prime

28 Aug

Since it’s debut, I’ve wanted Amazon Prime. Imagine not adding random stuff to your order to reach the $25 free shipping mark. Imagine your items arriving at your doorstep in two days. Imagine having access to tons of movies and TV shows – some of which aren’t even available on Netflix. That right there is living the dream.

Once I was struck by tragedy and had to give up sugar, my eating habits changed. I can no longer go to the regular ol’ grocery store and throw things in my cart willy-nilly. Nope. Now I have to read labels and buy my snacks and such at Whole Foods or some other specialty store. It can get a little annoying, but thanks to Amazon, it doesn’t have to be too agonizing. Now I buy a lot of my everyday stuff (mostly food, but other things too) from Amazon. For example, I can get a box of Larabars for less than I paid at Whole Foods (even with the bulk discount), and I can get my favorite shampoo in the humungo size that was so hard to find in stores. And it gets delivered to my stoop in just TWO DAYS. FOR FREE. And if, say, I wanted to get my stuff super fast, I can upgrade to overnight shipping for just $4 per item. I’ve never done that, but I like having the option. I mean, two days isn’t a long time at all, and this is coming from one of the most impatient people on the planet.

Since getting Amazon Prime, I’ve changed my shopping habits a little bit. I now try to buy things on Amazon that I would normally get at the store, because I want to get the most out of my Prime subscription, but also because it allows me to be totally lazy. Oh, I need to go to Target and get Band-Aids and light bulbs? Why trek all the way there for just two little things? I can order that shit up and have it handed right to me while I sit on the couch and eat cheesy snacks.

What my house looks like on a regular basis since getting Amazon Prime

There are other benefits to Amazon Prime, like having access to a bajillion movies and TV shows. AND you can even watch on your TV through the Roku Box (I think you can also get it on other devices, like an Xbox or whatever). A lot of what they offer is also on Netflix, so if you have both it’s not that big of a perk, but there are some things that are available through Prime that aren’t on the ‘Flix yet.

Prime members also have access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, which is exactly what it sounds like. You can borrow books from Amazon and read them on your Kindle, with no added charge and no due date. The only bummer? It is literally for Kindle owners. As in, I have an iPad with the Kindle app, so I’m SOL. If you own a Kindle, then bully for you. You can read all kinds of books, including bestsellers and new releases, for free, with just a few taps of your finger.

If you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, or you can adapt your life so that you do, Amazon Prime is a fantastic deal and an amazing convenience. And if you’re not sure if Prime is for you, you can test it out for a month for free and see if you like it. Or are you a college student or a new mom? You get a YEAR of Prime FOR FREE. So what’s stopping you? Go! Have your life of consumerism changed forever!

Amazon Prime: $79 for one year


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