Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer

13 Sep

My complexion has been working through some issues lately. For the past few weeks I’ve been battling breakouts, redness, and all-around bleh-ness. My favorite Bare Minerals makeup does a great job of covering up imperfections, but I needed some super tough makeup to make me feel human and capable of leaving the house. I was cruising the Sephora website and came across a new product from Bare Minerals: A creamy concealer that came in a little pot. It was cute, it had great reviews, and it looked like it came in more varied colors than the Bare Minerals powder concealer I normally use. I ordered one when I had a code for free shipping (I looked at a few brick-and-mortar Sephora stores, but their displays hadn’t been updated with the new products yet), and after using it my tragic skin situation became much more tolerable.

As I mentioned before, I normally use BareMinerals powder foundation and concealer. The concealer is actually called “Multi-Tasking Face,” and it comes in just five shades. I use the lightest, bisque, which is sometimes a little dark for me. I usually use it (for it’s superior coverage) and then add a layer of my foundation (in Fair) to make it blend with my skin tone. A lot of reviewers have complained about how bisque is too dark for their skin tone, so perhaps the folks at Bare Minerals were trying to remedy this by making their cream concealer in a whopping eight shades. Instead of just choosing the color that’s in the ballpark of your skin tone, you can get specific by choosing your color range AND whether you have cool or warm undertones. I have the skin tone of an anemic ghost, and cool undertones, so I use Light 1.

Use a concealer brush, or your fingers – it’s your call. Follow your heart.

I use my (clean) ring finger to tap the concealer on my troublesome spots. I’ve tried it with a concealer brush, but I prefer the finger method. I have huge patches of redness, and using my finger allows me to slap concealer on a larger area. You know, like my entire face. (Seriously guys, things have been rough for me lately, skin-wise.) I do this first before putting on any other makeup (but after using a foundation primer) and then follow my regular makeup routine. The concealer provides extra coverage under my usual makeup, and I can always use my powder foundation and/or concealer if I need even MORE coverage. Granted, this system only works because I’m using a cream concealer and then powder foundation/concealer. If you’re a BareMinerals devotee like myself and only use their products, this should work fine. But, if you use, say, liquid foundation, obviously this plan of attack will need to be tweaked a bit. (Concealer usually goes on after foundation, after all.)

This concealer is also great for touch ups during the day. It has a powder finish, so if you need to do some spot touch ups you can just pat a little of this concealer on and not have to worry about it messing with your powdery, matte makeup look (again, this is coming from someone who only uses BareMinerals makeup. Adjust to your own makeup habits accordingly). The BareMinerals collection isn’t really that portable, but this concealer is super thin and compact – It can fit in just about any bag. I mean, it’s smaller than some lip glosses I own.

I’m working on remedying my disaster of a complexion (more on that in a post-to-come), but until then, I’m so, so happy I’ve found this concealer. It’s helped me have the confidence to go out in the world even though I feel super self-conscious.

BareMinerals Correcting Concealer: $20


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