Biotin Supplements

27 Sep

I’m now in the midst of the third time I’ve grown out my hair after chopping it all off. I’m not sure if you’ve heard this from anyone else, or read it enough times on this blog, but growing out your hair is a complete shit show. I don’t care who you are or how expensive your haircut is or what great products you have: You will have, at least for a little while, an ugly period. That’s just how it is. The trick is to find some, well, tricks to get you through the rough times. My number one trick? Biotin supplements.

Every few months there’s another report of an un-pregnant celeb that takes prenatal vitamins, and they rave about all the beauty benefits of being faux preggo. But here’s a secret: The thing that makes your hair and nails super strong and fast-growing while taking prenatal vitamins? It’s biotin. So why not just take biotin and save your loved ones the heart attack they’ll surely have when they snoop in your medicine cabinet and find your baby pills?

In addition to wanting my hair to grow faster and stronger, I’ve also been battling with super brittle nails for the past few years. Biotin helps strengthen my nails, but also helps them grow faster. So even if my nails are peeling and breaking, I don’t have to stress about cutting them short – one 5,00mcg biotin pill a day will have those babies back to their original state in a jiffy.

Biotin isn’t some wacky witch supplement either. I buy mine at Target. And Target Brand at that. It’s everywhere! So you can have great hair and nails, for less than prenatal vitamins, it won’t freak out your boyfriend/mom/priest, and you can pick up a bottle at pretty much any store that sells your basic vitamins. What have you got to lose? That nasty ass mop of hair and those scraggly talons you call nails, that’s what.

Biotin Supplements: Around $7-$10 for 60 pills


2 Responses to “Biotin Supplements”

  1. Anna May 20, 2013 at 11:52 pm #

    Hi I was using Biotin along with Hair Skin and Nails vitamins. Me (and my current boyfriend at the time) were starting me to pack on the pounds. Fast. I thought it was my not-so-great diet but Ive always had a fast metablism. It turns out Biotin and some ingrediants in the Hair Skin and Nails vitamins somehow awaken fat cells. I stopped taking them everyday and eventually at all. Thats how they effected me I know girls who took them and didnt gain a pound. It does work magic to your hair but to your tummy as well. Luckily my metablisim kicked in and the weight fell off.


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