3 Fantastic Glossing Creams

9 Oct

I feel like every time I talk about hair, I’m talking about how I hate dealing with hair. Prepare yourself. It’s about to happen again. I consider myself pretty experienced when it comes to skincare and makeup, but in the realm of haircare I’m a complete effing n00b. I basically try to find a way to style my hair so that it doesn’t look completely idiotic, and if I can accomplish that I consider it a win. I’m still growing out my hair from a short choppy ‘do, and for the past couple of months I’ve been flat ironing it into a nice, sleek bob. My goal is to look something like this:

Even a hairstyle ignoramus like myself can figure out how to straighten their hair, but my trick to making my hair  look like I actually put some effort and/or skill into it is… glossing cream. (It might be more accurate to call them “smoothing creams,” but I like the word glossing better, so that’s what we’re going with.) A good glossing cream will take your plain, straightened hair and add a little something extra: A little shine, a little control, a little polish. I’ve tried many a hair product in my time, and I’ve found what I consider to be the three best glossing creams out there. Each one is completely awesome – So awesome that I can’t chose just one to recommend, and I actually use all three of them myself on a rotating basis.

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream – 4oz for $25

The number one thing I love about this cream is the smell. Oh, that smell. I remember I had a tiny tube of this stuff in my locker in high school and I’d reapply it during the day just to get a hit of that sweet scent. I have also been known to take hits of Fekkai Glossing Shampoo when I pass it in a store. I may or may not have some kind of addiction. Fekkai’s glossing cream is made with olive oil, which gives your hair a super duper dose of moisture while smoothing and taming your locks. When it comes to glossing creams you only need a tiny little bit to get the full effect, but with Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream you can use even less than usual. It really lasts and lasts, which is good, since it’s the priciest on this list. BUT they sell Fekkai at Target now, so it gets definite convenience points. I’d say this cream is good for hair that needs smoothing, but also a good wallop of moisture to boot. Plus, you know, THE SMELL.

John Frieda Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme – 4oz for $6

From the most expensive to the least. Although this product is significantly cheaper than its predecessor on this list, don’t be fooled – it’s just as effective and covetable as the Fekkai cream. John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease line is famous for being able to tame the most cuckoo-crazy frizzosaurs, but Secret Weapon is a solution for everyone. I for one don’t really struggle too much with frizzies, I just need a little smoothing to keep things under control, and Secret Weapon keep me looking runway ready like a non-hobo every day of the week. This is actually the glossing product in my rotation right now. This product is totally legit (we’re talking recommended by all the top stylists in the biggest fashion mags legit) but it’s a drugstore brand that costs much less than it’s comparable products. If you’re on a budget but still want sleek Anniston hair, look no further than Secret Weapon.

Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom – 4.2oz for $18

This product is a classic. It’s a perfect unisex, clean, simple product that does what it promises and does it well. As with the previous two products, I’ve used Creme with Silk Groom for years, and it’s one of my top hair products of all time – let alone one of my favorite smoothing creams. It’s just so… I don’t know… plain? I mean that as a compliment, I hope you understand. I’ve mentioned before that I like beauty products with a medical feel to them, so for me Kiehl’s is a wonderland. I totally kvell over everything in the store, and the fact that the employees wear lab coats just sends me over the edge of joy. I think I like this Keihl’s cream because it matches my attitude when it comes to styling my hair: Find something simple and no-nonsense that’s quick, effective, and is pleasing to the eye.


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