CHI 44 Iron Guard

11 Oct

In my last post I talked about what I use on my hair once I’m done styling it, so I figured I should also mention what I use before any styling begins. I typically wash my hair in the morning, then blowdry it, then flat iron it. I realize that’s a lot to put my hair through every day. Some days I skip the whole routine, or just skip the flat ironing portion, but typically I go through the whole shebang. And that heat on my hair is doing me no favors. I mean, it makes my hair look better than what it’d look like when left in its natural state, but using up to two heat tools every day can really damage a person’s hair. Thank God for CHI 44 Iron Guard.

I actually got this protecting spray from a friend (hi Linnea!) who was headed to Central America to work for the Peace Corps (How cool is she?!). She didn’t have much use for it where she was going, so she handed it off to me. It sat in my cabinet for awhile before I started straightening my hair regularly and noticing my luxurious locks seemed a little fried. Out came the Iron Guard, and it helped my hair SO MUCH.

I spray on a hefty amount of Iron Guard after I towel dry my hair, but before I comb it. I figure when I comb out my hair the product will be distributed throughout every strand. Then I blow dry and straighten, and finish with glossing cream. The thing I love most about CHI’s protecting spray is that it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. It’s basically like it’s not even there, except for the fact that now my hair isn’t breaking and frizzing and crying for salvation.

I started to run out of my Iron Guard, and I had grown so attached to it I immediately ordered more. I bought it on Amazon where it’s a bit cheaper, but you can find this spray (and other CHI products) at Target and even Marshall’s.

CHI 44 Iron Guard: $14


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