Gift Guide 2012: An Introduction

4 Dec

Dearest Internet,

Hello friends! It’s that special time again – time for my hotly anticipated, beloved, exalted Gift Guide. Every magazine has some kind of holiday gift guide. Even Entertainment Weekly has one, for chrissakes.But mine is best. You know why? Because I don’t do this “For The Mother-In-Law,” “For Your Coworkers,” “For The Dog Walker” bullshit. I just show you stuff that I think is awesome. It’s stuff that I myself want to receive this holiday, and some things that I already own and love. I’ve been doing this since 2007. TWO THOUSAND SEVEN. Hey, this is our five year anniversary! Wait, no. It’s our 6th.

Well, whatever. If you want to view past gift guides click on the “Gifts” tag to your right, and it’ll take you to last year’s guide. There you’ll also find links to my Gift Guides I posted on a different blog.

Get ready, the fun starts tomorrow!

Love ya, mean it,



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