Gift Guide 2012: Volume I

5 Dec

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 5.55.33 PM1. Mystical Animals Sweatshirt from TopShop – $70

I saw this while I was Black Friday shopping in Las Vegas, and I loved it, but they only had sizes for people who are three apples tall. I still think about it sometimes…

2. I Hate You Tee from TopShop – $44

While I was looking for that awesome sweatshirt on the TopShop site I came across this tee. It’s kind of perfect.

3. Role Reversal Bag from ModCloth – $70

This is such a great tote, and it’s reversible! The lining is green canvas, and you can just flip that baby inside out and have a whole new bag. It might be kind of weird to have a canvas bag lined with pleather, but I think it could be pretty badass.

4. Small All Chain Watch from ShopBop – $265

I don’t wear a watch, but I love the look of watches. I especially like the ones that wrap around your wrist seven times so you have a watch and an arm of bracelets all in one piece. This is one of the first watches of this kind that doesn’t include leather. I love the all chain look. It’s hardcore glamour.

5. Aqua Leo 3-in-1 Tech Gloves from Bloomingdales – $48

The winter months are a challenge in this smartphone age. Your hands are freezing, but you can’t use a touchscreen AND protect your hands from the elements. Some genius came up with the idea to make gloves that were touchscreen compatible, but they weren’t always as stylish as their luddite counterparts. These gloves are stylish, and can be worn and short gloves, long gloves, or arm warmers. Also: LEOPARD PRINT.

6. The Chelsea Boot from Madewell – $235

I actually own these boots, so I can tell you for absolutely certain that they are fantastic, baby. They’re a classic style that will look chic forever. Plus, you can fit skinny jeans over them (and under them, if that’s how you roll).

7. Tatty Devine Small Dinosaur Necklace from asos – $200

If you look at this necklace on the model, you will see that it makes NO sense to call this necklace “small.” But who cares? IT’S AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT IT IN MY LIFE.

8. Pave Acorn Necklace from Madewell – $45

Ummm… how freakin’ cute is this?!?!?!



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