Frye Over the Knee Campus Boots

10 Jan

DISCLAIMER: Normally I have a policy of not posting about anything that isn’t readily available to everyone. That is, I need to be able to link to a reputable online seller where you can buy a product . For example, I wanted to write about my favorite Natural Life Intermingle V-Neck top for weeks, but I didn’t because I couldn’t find an online seller. It just doesn’t seem fair to talk about how great something is, and then be like, “Buuuuut it’s only available at this one tiny boutique.” That being said, I’m going to tell you about these amazing Frye boots I found. From what I can tell, they’re no longer being made (bitch, that’s a MISTAKE), but these boots are so amazing, they’re worth buying from eBay, or even some bootleg boot retailer. I’ll explain why below. And if you’re like me and have been searching for tall boots for eons, you’ll be happy I broke the rules (the rules that I made up and set for myself, I realize).


I used to look at pictures like this in magazines and weep. It’s surprising I don’t have piles of tear-stained “Perfect Fall Boots” magazine spreads littering my house.

I have thick calves and ankles. Some people chose to refer to calves like mine as “athletic” or “wide,” but I don’t pussyfoot around. They’re THICK. They’re not colossal or anything – I wear most skinny jeans without too much difficulty – but my calves are thick enough that finding taller boots that fit is damn near impossible. And I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. Now wide calf boots are becoming more and more available, which is good. But I need more than an extra inch in my shaft circumference. (No, YOU went there. I didn’t say anything, you pervert.)

A year ago I came into a surplus of money and decided to get myself a nice pair of boots. Frye boots, to be specific. I found the styles that came in wide calf sizes, and even read reviews from my fellow wide-calved sisters to find the perfect pair. I tried two pairs and sent both back. Even the wide calf models just weren’t quite right, and if you’re shelling out $400 for some boots they better be freakin’ PERFECT. After that, I gave up my boot search entirely. After all, if Frye couldn’t meet my boot needs, who the hell could?


Frye Over the Knee Campus Boots: Frye’s famous campus boot, but, you know, taller.

Then on a particularly fateful fall day, I was walking the Nordstrom Rack shoe aisle, and I spotted a pair of beautiful boots. Like I said, I had given up my boot search, so I’m not sure why I decided to try these boots on. They slipped on easily OVER MY JEANS. I didn’t mention this before, but I had resigned myself to only wearing tall boots with tights and skirts/dresses, because there was no way I could get boots over my calves AND jeans. But these beautiful boots miraculously slid on over my skinny jeans, and didn’t suffocate my gams. They hit right at my knee – the perfect height for tall boots. I practically fainted right there in the middle of Nordstrom Rack. I looked at the tag, and of course these boots were by Frye. But they were also HALF OFF. Half off Frye boots is still $200, but when perfect $200 Frye boots that actually fit over your thick calves come into your life you don’t ask questions. You whip out your credit card and never look back.

Frye Boots

I had to mess with the exposure a lot to make the boots visible, but the while the rest of the picture may look wonky, the boots look true-to-life.

I know firsthand how hard it is to lust after tall boots when you’re a girl with thick calves. I did it for years. I’ve tried on every boot in every store, and I’ve even been through a month of wide-calf-expensive-boot online ordering. I’m here to tell you, my wide calved friends, start hunting for Frye Over the Knee Campus Boots. eBay them. Even hunt through your local Nordstrom Rack. When I bought mine they were the only pair in the store (which obviously means they were meant for me and were left there by a boot angel). These boots are not easy to find! But they are worth the hunt.


And here’s a pic of the same boots from a girl with a fancier camera (AKA not an iPhone).

Note: If you’re not up to searching for these boots, try other Frye styles. Maybe the Paige or Melissa wide calf styles will work for you (those are the two I tried and returned). I’m saying if you’re like me and have tried every last thing, the OTK Campus boot could be your salvation. Also, I usually wear a size 9, but my boots are a 10. I’ve read that you’re supposed to buy Frye boots one size larger. (Of course, since the 10s were the only pair in the store, I would have bought them regardless.) My boots fit great with a pair of thick socks.

Here’s a site that is NOT (I repeat, NOT) the official Frye site, but that sells the OTK campus boot. I have no idea how legit they are, but the boots are only $215. I’m also a big fan of eBay. Frye boots are such good quality that even used ones are a great investment. (I hear many women wear their Mom’s (or their own) old Frye’s from the 70s. MY mom got rid of her 70s Frye Campus Boots because of course she did.)


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