29 Jan

Periodically, I’ll discover something new or remember something essential about a product I’ve already reviewed. That’s why we have updates! Here’s the latest scoop on a few things I’ve already brought to your attention, but now with more fascinating and helpful tips. GET EXCITED.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream – Great For Your Face!

When I first bought Yu-Be moisturizer I was just going to use it as a hang cream. I didn’t think of putting it on my face even once. BUT, I was telling my aesthetician friend about it, and she told me that camphor (one of Yu-Be’s main moisturizing ingredients) is great for your complexion. It’s actually a fantastic product for acne-prone skin. So I gave Yu-Be a try on my face. Acting alone, it’s not really anything special, BUT when I layered a moisturizer over it, it was amazing. Imagine using your usual moisturizer, but giving it a little boost and making it extra effective. If you’re looking for some SUPER moisture that won’t clog your pores, I’d suggest applying a thin layer of Yu-Be, then patting on a layer of Aquaphor. Your face will be a little greasy looking and tacky (Just to be clear, all these moisturizing plans I’m suggesting are nighttime, before bed regimens). You’ll wake up in the morning, touch your face, and be like HOLY MOSES. I do this when my whole face needs a real wallop of moisture, but I’ve started layering Yu-Be and Aquaphor on my lips on the regular. My big ol’ trout pout has never looked better.

Q Kola – Elusive As All Get Out


I was SO excited when I found Q Kola at my local Whole Foods. Sure, it was a little pricy, but it was a great allergy-friendly fix for when I was craving regular old Cola. I planned on making Q Kola a regular part of my life – not necessarily an every day thing, but definitely something I picked up every now and then. Then tragedy struck. My Whole Foods suddenly stopped carrying Q Kola. They had the other varieties: Tonic, Ginger, Club, but no Kola. I asked a friendly salesperson if they had any in the back, and he told me they’d NEVER carried Q Kola. B’scuse me?! I discovered and bought Q Kola at that exact store! Was it placed there by some pop fairy or something? Then, a few months later, I found Q Kola on the shelves of Whole Foods once again! There was only one four-pack, and one of the bottles was missing. I grabbed a Q Ginger to fill out the pack, and checked out. I went home and tried the Ginger and it about killed me. It was GINGER-Y to an extreme. If you want to drink something that tastes like sucking on a ginger root on steroids, I have the pop for you. Jesus, I’m still recovering. AND I haven’t seen Q Kola again. I check every time I go to Whole Foods (which is like every other day). I may have to resort to buying it online and having it shipped to me,which is ridiculous, but something I will totally do. This soda pop is THAT good.

Frye OTK Campus Boots and Madewell Chelsea Boots – Make Sure To Get Leather Spray!

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 1.50.40 PM

The most important thing you need to do after buying leather boots is to weatherproof them. It’s super easy – grab a can of weatherproofing spray, spray a few light coats over your boots (allowing them a few minutes drying time between coats), and let them cure overnight (preferably outside or in a well-ventilated room). The spray pictured above is by Frye, and Ugg makes a weatherproofing spray too (you should spray your Uggs too, BTW), but I just pick up some weatherproofing spray from the shoe section at Target. It’s all the same stuff – there’s not even that much of a price difference. The Frye spray pictured above is $9, and the stuff I get at Target runs about $7-$8. You MUST spray your boots. I cannot stress this enough. Otherwise the second you step in a puddle or get caught in the snow or rain your boots will get all muddled and weird looking. Preserve your shoe investment!


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