THIS You Need

6 Feb

Dear Internet,

There are some big changes happening, and it’s all very exciting. If I weren’t already sitting down I’d need to sit down. Maybe I should lay down? I’m writing this from a Starbucks, so that could be weird, but who cares because BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING. First of all, the name of this here website has changed. You are now a devoted reader of This You Need. It’s a long story, but to get a URL hassle free I needed to make some changes, and change I did. I like it. You’ll learn to like it. Eventually we’ll all be madly in love with This You Need as a title, just as we’re in love with This You Need as a blog.

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 6.32.44 PM

You should change your bookmarks to reflect this new title, although the old URL will still bring you here. Why would you want to be stuck in the past? That’s for people who peaked in high school and Holocaust deniers. Embrace the new! Embrace the more legitimte-seeming URL of the fabulous website! BIG THINGS!

There may be a few more little tweaks coming down the pike, but I’ll most likely slip them in as covertly as possible. After all, we’re delicate creatures, and we can only take so much change at a time.

Thanks for reading,

Love ya for realsies,



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