Pretty Little Liars

9 May

When I was writing my original TV Marathon Guide earlier this week, I wanted to mention Pretty Little Liars. As I started writing, though, I realized that I had SO MUCH to say about this marvelous show that it warranted its own post. And so here it is, my ode to Pretty Little Liars.


Here’s the basic info for the uninitiated: Pretty Little Liars is the story of a group of teen gal pals that become embroiled in mystery when they start receiving catty, know-it-all texts from their dead best friend. At least that’s how it starts. There are so many plotlines and layers (upon layers) of mysteries and conspiracies that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s suspecting who.

Before this year’s winter premiere, I re-watched the entire PLL series, and it was SO HELPFUL. I really, really loved the show before, but after marathoning and actually understanding all the plot twists, I’m now basically a fanatic. When you watch in real time, the mysteries can seem convoluted and confusing, but when you watch it all in a chunk, you realize that this show is pretty masterfully put together, and everything completely makes sense (really!). Even if you’ve seen every episode, I HIGLY recommend putting in the time to binge watch all the episodes. Those inscrutable plot twists will all come together and become… scrutable. Also, all these reasons:

1. This is one of the best LGBT shows on television. As someone who has a gender studies degree and concentrated on popular culture, I greatly appreciate this. (All those years of analyzing make it very hard to sit back and enjoy my stories.) If you don’t believe me, read this article from After Ellen, which also has the best PLL recaps in existence, and is my favorite source for PLL gossip. See also: Ezbian.

2. The fashions. Mandi Line is the costume designer on PLL and she does AMAZING work. These girls dress like no other high schoolers in existence, and it’s become a trademark of the show. Aria Montogomery in particular is a true fashion victim. I mean, the feather. THE FEATHER. (GFY did a great interview with Mandi Line a few years ago where they uncovered the truth about THE FEATHER.)


3. Hanna Marin, my spirit animal. I used to think I was Spencer/Aria hybrid (Team Sparia!) because of my obsessions with organization and over-accessorizing, but let’s face it: I’m a Hanna. We both love quippy, catty one-liners and are both shocked when lesbians don’t hit on us.

Hanna-quote-34. Once I was standing outside Ralph’s and Wren (Julian Morris) came up, pet my dog, and told me he was adorable (Hero, not himself, although both are true). We are now (in my mind) best friends, obviously.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 3.11.34 PM

5. Possibly the greatest line ever:

Now go and watch (or re-watch) Pretty Little Liars before the June 11 Summer Premiere. And while you’re at it, read the After Ellen recaps, they were an important part of my PLL marathon experience and I cannot recommend them enough.


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