Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Hot Rollers

16 May

As you may have seen in Tuesday’s post on WEN, I’ve started styling my hair with hot rollers. It’s a great way to add volume (hair can never be too big, in my opinion) and it also helps to prolong my hairstyle and hide the fact that I haven’t washed my tresses in… awhile.

I’d used hot rollers before, but I didn’t have a set of my own, so I used a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon to pick up a set. I got Conair’s Ion Shine Instant Heat set of rollers, with multiple curler sizes and this interesting little clip-heater thingy. I didn’t really shop around or compare beyond the selection at BB&B, but I’m very satisfied with my choice. I’m realizing there are much more popular hot roller sets out there, now that I’ve read reviews. These two may have had an effect on my purchase, had I read them earlier. Whoops.


Mostly, I wanted a roller set that didn’t take up too much room, had sturdy clips (I’d used the kind with pins before and didn’t like them), multiple sizes of rollers, and a low price point. I may update my hot rollers eventually, especially now that I know how often I’m using them, but for now I’m just happy to have big, bouncy, curly hair.

I’ve been taking a couple selfies after curling my hair to illustrate the look I get. It’s not super curly – I basically just want volume and a little interest in my hair. I think a few of the negative reviews out there are from people who want curly-curly hair, and I’m no expert, but I don’t really think that’s a job for hot rollers in the first place. At least not big ones like these. A few notes: I like to use the largest size on the top layers of my hair, and the medium size on the lower sections. This is because the hair lower on my head is shorter (as it is with everyone) and I need a tighter curl to get the hair to the same length as the top layers. Does that make sense? Like, if I used a big ass roller on the short hairs at the nape of my neck, it would curl into a big C shape, and then hang lower than the hair that’s curled above it, and look like a limp little collection of rat tails. Anyway, here are some super glam shots of me in my bathroom (sometimes even in a bathrobe, because I’m classy like that).

My first hot roller trial. I was immediately hooked.

My first hot roller trial. I was immediately hooked.


My hair’s a little dirtier in this one, but you can’t immediately tell, because hot rollers are MAGIC.

Serving bathrobe realness.

Serving bathrobe realness.


Super humid day, moderately dirty hair. This is kind of my ideal look. Wavy, wild, and low-maintenance.

Ok. We’ve established that hot roller bring out the selfie-whore within me. But how can I resist when this miracle device makes my hair look AWESOME?! Go. Get thyself some hot rollers. Join the cult, and let the selfies follow.

Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Hot Rollers: $36


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