Crocs Sexi Flip Sandal

21 May

I consider Crocs to be in the same family as Uggs: Super comfy, useful, and basically genius shoes that have a horrible aura of hatred that seems to follow them no matter what. You can’t just say, “I bought some Uggs.” and leave it at that. No, you have to qualify it with, “But they’re not UGG-Uggs. They’re cute! They’re actually just slippers. I’m only going to wear them in the house.” Jesucristo, can’t we all just accept Uggs and Crocs and end this ridiculous stigma once and for all? Obviously that’s not going to happen, but I for one am crusading against this injustice by being downright PROUD of my Uggs and my Crocs.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 2.31.04 PM

The thing that irks me about Crocs is that, sure, there’s the “Croc” clog that’s basically only acceptable for medical personnel, chefs, and children (If you’re living in a dorm, Crocs clogs are actually the PERFECT shower shoes. They give you a sturdy base so you won’t break your neck while shaving your legs, and they’re tall/covered enough that there’s no way you’re getting athlete’s foot), but that’s just the thing that brought Crocs to the public’s attention. There are so many other styles of Crocs, but they all share the amazing support, quality, and durability of the original Crocs, without forcing your friends to be like, “Hey Mario Batali, nice Crocs!”

I used to have a pair of Crocs ballet flats (the style is now discontinued) that I wore and wore until I needed a new pair, then I bought them again, and repeated the whole cycle until the shoes were no longer sold anywhere. Now I think I’ve discovered my new favorite Crocs that I’ll be wearing with as much consistency as I did my beloved ballet flats. Appropriately enough (not), they’re called the Sexi Flip.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 2.27.24 PM

I’m not saying they’re NOT sexy (sexi). I guess in Crocs terms this is as “sexi” as it gets. But they’re pretty much just basic flip flops, with an ankle strap and that supportive Crocs insole that makes even the Crocciest Crocs totally worthwhile. I found these sandals at a Crocs Outlet Store, and couldn’t decide between black and purple. Then I noticed that it was BOGO 1/2 off, so I said, “DEAL!”

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 2.27.46 PM

I bought these shoes for an upcoming trip to Disneyland, but I’ve been wearing them all the time since I bought them a week ago. I’m not a tennis shoe person. I’m actually not really into closed-toe shoes at all, if I can avoid them. These sandals are perfect for when I need a little more support, walkability, and comfort, BUT I don’t want to sacrifice style or put my feet in a shoe prison. Plus they’re waterproof, and if they get skuzzy they’re super easy to clean. Are they the perfect summer sandal? POSSIBLY. (I have another sandal obsession that I’m going to cover Thursday.)

Crocs Sexi Flip Sandal: $30


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