Hero’s Super New Tag

28 May

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed that my furry friend Hero recently got a new tag. Fun story: When Hero was just a pup, I got him a great superhero themed tag from Etsy. It promptly fell off (bummer) and I got him a cheap, quick replacement at PetSmart. I was planning on getting Hero another fancy tag immediately… and then over two years passed. Oy. So when Hero was in need of a new collar, I decided to finally get around to buying him a new tag as well. And here it is!

ImageI searched all over Ye Olde Internet for a tag that was perfect for Hero, and finally settled on this one from It’s a great site with TONS of different pet tag options, from Hello My Name Is to license plates to pictures of your pet printed on their own tags (which seems silly to me, I mean, you’re looking at the dog, do you need to see their face on their tag?). Anyway, I had my heart set on a comic book/superhero tag, and ID4Pet delivered. This particular tag is called the “Create Your Own Hero,” which couldn’t be more perfect for my little fur baby. You can customize the background color (I went with navy blue, because I wanted a Superman theme), but the burst will always be red and the text yellow. Also, in the example the phone number is printed under the name, but on Hero’s tag it’s printed on the reverse side.

The website has a pretty basic interface, and payment is all though PayPal (which made me feel better about the somewhat dated look of the website). I also got a little nervous when I got a personalized confirmation email addressed to “Sarag,” but when my tag arrived in the mail about a week later, all worries were proven unnecessary.

There are four sizes of tags to choose from, teacup, regular, large, and an ID tag. I got the regular, and it’s the perfect size for Hero. And it looks mighty fine with his snazzy new leather collar.

Image-1Create Your Own Hero Pet Tag: $14


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