Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

18 Jul

For my many aches and pains, I love Salonpas patches. The only downside to Salonpas is that after you use them you smell like a camphor and menthol mess until your next shower. And if you’re like me and wear your Salonpas patches to bed, then your whole bed smells like Salonpas until the next time you wash your sheets. Maybe you like that, and that’s cool, but I prefer to smell like a pretty lady – not a hot mess with achy muscles.


The character I identified with most in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, sadly

I figured there was no solution. Nothing worked as well as Salonpas on my aches and pains, so I assumed I was stuck with stinky sheets and pajamas until the end of time. Then I went to Lush, and was introduced to the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar. Then everything changed.

I’m not a Lush expert. I know about their business model – handmade bath and body products created from natural ingredients that are good for people, animals, and the earth. I’d also sampled some products when I lived with a girl who was a big Lush fan. She’d stupidly leave her goodies in the shower and I’d use ’em all. Bwahaha. Anyway, since then I hadn’t used any Lush products.

I was shopping on the Third Street Promenade a little over a month ago and decided to pop into Lush, if only to smell stuff, look at pretty packaging, and snag some samples. I was immediately drawn to the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar, and the salesgirl did a great job of selling it. Basically all she had to do was tell me it was for sore muscles and prove that it smelled better than Salonpas. I decided that for $10.95 it was worth a try, so I bought a bar.


I’d never used Lush’s massage bars, but it’s a pretty basic concept: You rub the bar over your dry skin, and it leaves a massage oil of sorts on your skin. Then you rub that in, and you’re good to go. The Wiccy bar has one side covered in aduki beans, which are supposed to stimulate circulation or something, but they just feel sharp and end up falling out of the bar, so I don’t use that side. I also like to keep mine in the fridge. I noticed when the bar was at room temperature before I used it, I’d get way too much product on my bod and then I’d feel all greasy. When the bar is refrigerated, I can apply it more sparingly, and since your body warms the bar, you can just keep applying it till you get the ideal amount of product.

The Wiccy Magic Muscles bar give me as much relief as a Salonpas patch, but I can easily apply it all over (instead of putting on a million separate patches), and my sheets and pajamas don’t smell medicinal for days afterward. Mind you, there is a smell, but it’s spicy and warm and all around lovely.

Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar: $10.95


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