Essie Chills & Thrills

24 Jun

I bought a bottle of Essie’s Chills & Thrills impulsively one day at the drugstore. The color just seemed so happy and bright – I couldn’t resist. It turned out to be a good impulse buy, because I’ve been reaching for this color over and over since then. It’s so perfect for summer, and while being part of Essie’s Neons 2014 collection, it’s not overly bright or garish.

Essie Chills and Thrills

The color is not at all what I’d call “neon,” but it could be that I just tend to confuse neon with DayGlo. In any case, this color is GAWJUS. When you first look at it, it seems like a simple blue, but then you notice that it’s more of a purple-based blue, and the color looks completely different in different lights. I tend to shy away from super bright nail polishes. My Holy Grail Polish is OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, after all. But this polish is the current all-star in my small collection of bright polish shades.

Essie Chills and ThrillsI usually switch polish shades every time I need to re-paint my nails, but I think I may just be using Chills & Thrills for my manicures over and over. I’m that infatuated.

Essie Chills & Thrills:$8.50



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