Jao Refresher

3 Jul

Over Easter I went to visit my mom, and naturally we spent most of the holiday weekend shopping. While my mom was browsing the racks at Madewell I was strangely enamored with the section of little items by the checkout, mainly a spray bottle of $10 hand sanitizer. Normally my fascination would come from thinking, “Why the hell does $10 hand sanitizer exist?” But in this case I was interested in all the advertised uses for this handy little spray, mainly that it said it could be used as an “underarm refresher.” I really, really wanted to spray it on my armpits right there in the store. Actually, I may have. I wouldn’t put it past me.

I was so intrigued by the concept of underarm refreshment that I shelled out ten big ones for my very own bottle of Jao Refresher. And since I’m writing about it on a blog called This You Need, you may have deduced that I think everyone should have a bottle on their person at all times.

Jao Refresher

I’m not a big hand sanitizer person. They dry out my hands and I’d much rather just get up and wash my paws than rub some gross smelling gel on them. Listen, I used to be a nanny, so despite all my rumblings on how I don’t like hand sanitizer, I still carried one around with me at all times. The difference between then and now is that I used to use my hand sanitizer as sparingly as I could, while I whip out my Jao Refresher at the slightest provocation. “I touched that hand rail!” Spritz, spritz. “I’m waiting for my drink at Starbucks!” Spritz, spritz. “I’m alive and in the world!” SPRITZZZZ.

This spray smells herbal and fresh, without a trace of that nose-burning hand sanitizer smell that I find so unappealing, plus it doesn’t dry out my hands at all. One or two sprays is all you need to sufficiently de-nasty your hands, and a 2oz bottle lasts a long time. It seems like I should be on my fifth bottle of this stuff, I use it so often, but I’ve barely made a dent in the original bottle I bought at Easter. (You can see for yourself in the above photo – the bottle is filled up to the top of the “a” in Jao.)

Now, on to the armpit test. That’s the whole reason I bought this stuff, remember? Well, it’s just as awesome for your pits as it is for your hands. I still use regular antiperspirant/deodorant, but I like to use this when I’m feeling a bit gross in the underarm department mid-day. Last week I actually spritzed my pits as I was walking down the street to get a coffee. I mean, normally I’ll wait for a bit more privacy, but this was a pitmergency. The scent is fresh but also innocuous – so much better than spraying some perfume all over yourself – and it feels like it really refreshes instead of just masking the nastiness. I’m super paranoid about BO, so I love that it’s so easy to carry this little spray with me at all times. The Final Verdict: For freshening up my paws and my pits, Jao Refresher is where it’s at.

Jao Refresher: $10


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